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D2Football.com was hacked by some individuals with malicious intent.  I won’t bore you with the specifics, but they were able to use a flaw in the Invision Power Board software to back door into the main site.  From there, they were able to upload files and change things, as I’m sure many of you saw.

Because of the great work of Dimitris, the individual that owns the hosting company that we use, and Steve, the individual that wrote the code to D2Football.com, we were able to fix all the problems and D2Football.com has been running secure and error free since then.

On a side note, if any of you need a very good web host or someone to write complex code or to turn over a PHP-based website quickly, I would highly suggest these two.  You can find Dimitris at LiquidComputer.com and Steve at SplitOne.com.

I apologize that it has taken so long to get this back up.  We first wanted to ensure that the Invision software was the way the hackers backed their way into the site.  Once we became confident that was the case, we moved forward.

It is the second time we’ve had problem with Invision’s software, and needless to say, we’ve made a change.  We hope you will like the new message board, which uses vBulletin’s software.  It operates much like the way Invision did.  Hopefully there will not be many growing pains.

We have been really careful and tried to do a lot of research to choose the safest and most secure message board possible.  Although nothing is 100% secure, we have high hopes about this software.

In addition to choosing a secure board, we have purchased this domain as an extra measure of caution.  This enables us to separate databases and hopefully means that if the message board is hacked again, the main site will not be affected.

While I know this message board is important to many of you, the most important part of D2Football.com is the content of the main site.  We need to do everything we could to protect and secure that content.

This new message board is intended to be the end all for Division 2 talk.  If you click on the “D2 Message Board” tab in the menu bar, you will notice that we have formatted the basketball section to be exactly the same as football.  We will link from D2Hoops.net to that section.  This will enable D2 fans to only have to register one account to talk football, basketball, or baseball.

I have registered many usernames in advance and will continue to do so.  I am able to register people without putting in an email address.  If you register before I can put you in the database, I will remove your email address but keep it for my records.  This allows there to be no personal information whatsoever in the database in case it is compromised again.

This board also has an interesting feature in that I can input the join date.  I would appreciate it if some of you message board veterans would email me what you believe to be your first join date.  You deserve credit for being here for a long time. 

IMPORTANT:  If you visit the message board through the index page on D2Football.com, I would appreciate you continuing to use that route to get to the message board.  If you have the URL of the old board book marked, please continue to use that.  It will automatically forward you to the appropriate spot on the D2 Message Board.  Doing this allows us to accurately track football visitors and basketball visitors.  We really appreciate you doing this.

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