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D2Football.com Pro Hopefuls



2011 Pro Hopefuls
For D2Football.com

The pro hopefuls were just eight entering the season and are now at 19 after many solid performances in the fall. All eight players on the preseason watch list are still on the pre-combine list with eleven newcomers.

Midwestern State tackle Amini Silatolu is now rated No. 1 after a subpar season at corner by Jenkins.

The highest riser is Cal PA wide receiver Thomas Mayo who went from a low free agent grade to a late round possibility.

Amini Silatolu OG Midwestern State 6034 312 lbs 5.38-5.42 40 312 lbs
Amini Silatolu Analysis: Played left tackle in college but will kick inside to guard at the next level because he lacks the length to play outside in the NFL. He is raw but very mean and strong making him an ideal fit at guard. There are concerns about how quickly he will pick up the offensive system, which is why his grade is lower, but if he picks it up then he has a shot to start one day. Career Snapshot: AFCA, 1st team All-American, 1st team All-LSC, OL of YR at LT in '11. AFCA, 1st team All-American, 1st team All-LSC South, Co-OL OF YR at LT, 4 TT, TFL in '10. Transferred from San Joaquin Delta College for '10. Signed with Nevada originally. Round Projection: 3rd Round. Grade: 5.5

Janoris Jenkins CB North Alabama 5097 176 lbs 4.45-4.48 40 4.45-4.48

Janoris Jenkins Analysis: Jenkins has had several off the field incidents which should drop him some on draft day but his talent is unquestioned. He isn?t blazing fast but is quick and can contribute on special teams immediately. If he can bulk up another 10 pounds and show well at the Senior Bowl, he could possibly climb back into the top two rounds. Career Snapshot: 2nd team All-American, 2nd team All-GSC w/53 TT, 4 TFL, 2 INT, 4 PBU, 2 FR/ret one for TD, BLK, 18-390-21.7-3 PR, 13-309-23.8-0 KR in 12 gms in '11. Transferred from Florida in spring '11. Marijuana possession twice in 3 months in '11. Arrested for fighting in spring '11. 3rd team All-American, 1st team All-SEC w/44 TT, 6 TFL, SCK, 3 INT/ret one for td, 8 PBU, 18-150-8.3-0 PR in 13 gms in '10. 38 TT, 3 TFL, FF, 2 INT, 6 PBU in 13 gms in '09. All-Freshman Team w/39 TT, TFL, SCK, 3 INT, 11 PBU, FF in '08. Round Projection: 3rd-4th Round. Grade: 5.7

Rishaw Johnson OG California PA 6035 306 lbs 5.15-5.20 40 Rishaw Johnson Analysis: Johnson has off field concerns and was suspended for an altercation in a game as a senior. While he has concerns the talent is there as he showed the strength and physical tools to be a dominant player at the next level. Career Snapshot: 1st team All-American, 1st team All-PSAC West at RG in '11. Transferred from Ole Miss for '11. 4 starts at RG, played 5 gms in '09. Played in 5 gms in '08. Redshirted in '07. Round Projection: 5th Round. Grade: 5.1

Jeremy Jones CB/S Wayne State (MI) 5096 194 lbs 4.50-4.55 40 Jeremy Jones Analysis: Ballhawks who can run and create turnovers are highly coveted and as a player who could play safety or corner look for Jones to possibly sneak into the late rounds. His speed and hips are pretty good and thus could make him a guy who sneaks up the board if he runs in the 4.4s. Career Snapshot: AFCA, 1st team All-American, 1st team All-GLIAC, DB of YR w/92 TT, 10.5 TFL, 5.5 SCK, 9 INT/ret one for TD, 4 PBU, 4 QBH in 15 gms in '11. 1st team All-American, 1st team All-GLIAC w/68 TT, 10 TFL, 2 SCK, 5 INT/ret one for TD, 5 PBU, QBH, 2 FR in 10 gms in '10. HM All-GLIAC w/54 TT, 1.5 TFL, INT, 6 PBU, 2 FR in 10 gms in '09. HM All-GLIAC w/63 TT, 2 INT/ret one for TD, 7 PBU, 2 FF in 10 gms in '08. Redshirted in '07. Round Projection: 7th Round. Grade: 5.0

Thomas Mayo WR California PA 6013 200 lbs 4.55-4.60 40 Thomas Mayo Analysis: His burst off the line, hands, and size make him an intriguing late round or free agent type developmental prospect. Mayo has been productive and consistent over his career and really attracted attention from scouts with his senior tape. Career Snapshot: 1st team All-American, 1st team All-PSAC West w/79-1359-17.2-16 rec, 1-5-5.0-1 rush in 13 gms in '11. Transferred from Concord for '11. 2nd team All-American, 1st team All-WVIAC w/74-1315-17.8-14 rec, 2-12-6.0-0 rush, 8-43-5.4-0 PR in '10. 2nd team All-American, 1st team All-WVIAC w/72-1368-19.0-11 rec, 7-66-9.4-0 rush in '09. 43-336-7.8-3 rec, 5-54-10.8-0 rush, 1-15-15.0-0 KR in '08. Round Projection: 7th round. Grade: 5.0

Randy Colling DT Gannon 6041 315 lbs 5.05-5.10 40 Randy Colling Analysis: Colling has been one of the most impressive players in the PSAC over the last three years as a three-time first-team All-PSAC selection. His size, strength, and motor make him a raw prospect that a lot of teams probably will want to get their hands on. After a year or two of coaching he could be a very good contributor in a 4-3 scheme. Career Snapshot: 2nd team All-American, 1st team All-PSAC West w/88 TT, 21.5 TFL, 9 SCK, QBH, FR, FF in '11. 1st team All-PSAC West w/71 TT, 12 TFL, 8 SCK, QBH, FR, 2 FF, 2 BLK in '10. 1st team All-PSAC East w/52 TT, 12 TFL, 6.5 SCK, QBH, 2 FF, BLK in '09. 9 TT, 2.5 TFL, 1.5 SCK in 10 gms in '08. Round Projection: 7th-PFA. Grade: 5.0

Shawn Loiseau ILB Merrimack 6014 232 lbs 4.62-4.67 40 Shawn Loiseau Analysis: His position at the next level is a tough one because he will need to bulk up to stay inside but lacks the hips to play outside. His production, consistency, and speed can?t be denied though and thus he will at least get a shot in camp because of his test numbers and production. Career Snapshot: 1st team All-NE 10, DEF POY w/114 TT, 15 TFL, 3.5 SCK, PBU in 10 gms in '11. HM All-American, 1st team All-Northeast-10, DEF POY w/133 TT, 11.5 TFL, 5 SCK, 5 QBH, FR/ret for TD, 3 FF in 10 gms in '10. 1st team All-Northeast-10 w/123 TT, 4.5 TFL, 1.5 SCK, INT, PBU, QBH in 10 gms in '09. 5 TT in 5 gms in '08. Round Projection: PFA. Grade: 4.8

Greg Zuerlein PK Missouri Western 6000 182 lbs 4.80-4.85 40 Greg Zuerlein Analysis: When UNO dropped football he transferred to Missouri Western and was lights out as a senior. He showed a strong leg and good accuracy on field goals and was impressive on kickoffs. His 57-yarder as a senior would have been good from another five yards out. It?s rare for kickers to make it but he certainly could find a roster spot. Career Snapshot: AFCA, 1st team All-American, 1st team All-MIAA, SPEC YMS POY w/23-24-95.8, 58 long, 38-40 PAT, 75-4988-66.5, 30 TB in '11. Transferred from Nebraska-Omaha when they dropped football in spring '11. Medical redshirt w/injury in '10. AFCA All-American, 1st team All-MIAA w/17-23-73.9, 40-44 PAT, 52 long, 5 BLK in '09. 1st team All-MIAA w/9-11-81.8, 43-45 PAT, 48 long, BLK in '08. 1st team All-NCC w/10-15-66.7, 49 long, 48-49 PAT, 72-4583-63.7, 33 TB, 3 OB in '07. Redshirted in '06. Round Projection: PFA. Grade: 4.8

Brandon Bostick WR Newberry 6034 242 lbs 4.55-4.58 40 4.55-4.58
Brandon Bostick Analysis: A wide receiver with elite size and 4.5 or better speed is rare so when scouts found Bostick they hoped he would live up to the physical tools and dominate Division II. Bostick has not quite lived up to the hype being inconsistent with a couple of flashes. While his upside is very nice he hasn?t shown the skill level to be more than a developmental free agent at this point. Career Snapshot: 2nd team All-SAC w/35-439-12.5-7 rec, 9-58-6.4-1 rush in 10 gms in '11. 48-839-17.5-8 rec, 3-16-5.3-0 rush in 9 gms in '10. 33-458-13.9-2 rec, 2-5-2.5-1 rush in 10 gms in '09. 20-199-9.9-2 rec, 7-43-1-6.1 rush, TT in 10 gms in '08. Redshirted in '07. Round Projection: PFA. Grade: 4.8

Dane Simoneau QB Washburn 6026 218 lbs 4.85-4.90 40 Dane Simoneau Analysis: Division II quarterbacks rarely make it mostly due to the lack of arm strength and while he doesn?t have an elite arm it?s good enough to at least earn him a camp invite. He showed the ability to dominate at times as a senior but did have a lower completion rate and more picks than you like. His accuracy, field vision, and intelligence make him a quality free agent to bring in to fight for that third spot though. Career Snapshot: AFCA, 1st team All-American, 1st team All-MIAA, OFF POY w/280-482-4089-38-12-58.1 pass, 41--27--0.7-0 rush, 1-6-6.0-0 rec in 13 gms in '11. HM All-MIAA w/223-374-3459-33-12-59.6 pass, 23--26--1.1-1 rush in 12 gms in '10. 2nd team All-MIAA w/186-309-2955-26-9-60.2 pass, 24--33--1.4-2 rush in '09. 62-130-788-5-6-47.7 pass, 15--57--3.8-1 rush in 7 gms in '08. Redshirted in '07. Round Projection: PFA. Grade: 4.8

Aston Whiteside ILB Abilene Christian 6015 259 lbs 4.85-4.91 40 259 lbs

Aston Whiteside Analysis: Whiteside played defensive end at ACU but has the body of an inside linebacker. He has a quick first step and flashes but never did put it all together and dominate as much as expected, despite still putting up good numbers consistently. Career Snapshot: AFCA, 1st team All-American, 1st team All-Lonestar, DEF POY, DL of YR w/40 TT, 12.5 TFL, 6 SCK, 3 PBU, 7 QBH, 2 FF, 3 BLK in '11. 2nd team All-American, 1st team All-Lonestar South, DL of YR w/28 TT, 14.5 TFL, 7 SCK, INT returned for TD, PBU, 5 QBH, FF, 3 BLK in 12 gms in '10. 1st team All-American, 1st team All-Lonestar South w/35 TT, 14.5 TFL, 9.5 SCK, 2 PBU, 17 QBH, 2 FF in 13 gms in '09. 1st team All-Lonestar South, Co-DL of YR w/30 TT, 16 TFL, 9 SCK, 3 PBU, 7 QBH, 4 FR/returned two for TDs, 2 FF, BLK in 12 gms in '08. Redshirted in '07. Round Projection: PFA. Grade: 4.8

Daryl Richardson RB Abilene Christian 5104 196 lbs 4.46-4.49 40 Daryl Richardson Analysis: Richardson had a nice senior year improving his yards per carry and showing good speed, despite only 139 carries. His tape is better than his numbers lead you to believe as I think he could have been a combine invite with more touches. Expect him to be a nice free agent who could make a roster. Career Snapshot: 2nd team All-Lonestar w/139-825-5.9-11 rush, 40-371-9.3-2 rec in '11. HM All-Lonestar South w/115-517-4.5-7 rush, 25-199-8.0-1 rec in 10 gms in '10. 2nd team All-Lonestar South w/199-961-4.8-16 rush, 23-209-9.1-1 rec in 13 gms in '09. Transferred from Cisco JC: 95-526-7 rush in '08. Round Projection: PFA. Grade: 4.7

Jamar Howard WR Central Missouri 6033 220 lbs 4.55-4.58 40 Jamar Howard Analysis: While he lacks great ability to separate and is not blazing fast Howard has great ball tracking skills and good hands. His physical tools combined with his hands make him a possession threat worth taking a look at after the draft. Career Snapshot: 1st team All-MIAA w/71-1199-16.9-13 rec in 12 gms in '11. Transferred from Cincinnati. Transferred from College of the Sequoias: 71-1256-14 rec. Round Projection: PFA. Grade: 4.7

Phillip Supernaw TE Ouachita Baptist 6042 253 lbs 4.90-4.93 40 Phillip Supernaw Analysis: He?s raw because he hasn?t been coached very much in college but has good size and is an adequate blocker. He will need to get stronger and run faster but has a real chance if he can go to a team with the right situation. Career Snapshot: 2nd team All-GAC w/22-301-13.7-3 rec in 10 gms in '11. 2nd team All-GSC w/29-377-13.0-3 rec in 10 gms in '10. 1st team All-GSC w/13-132-10.2-4 rec in 9 gms in '09. 1-18-18.0-0 rec in 7 gms in '08. Round Projection: PFA. Grade: 4.7

Cordell Bell OG Minnesota State-Mankato 6030 315 lbs 5.20-5.25 40 Cordell Bell Analysis: Bell played tackle in college but lacks the size to stay on the edge thus likely going to kick inside to guard. He is raw, plays too high, and needs to get stronger but has decent feet and a good body type. Career Snapshot: 1st team All-NSIC South at LG in '11. 2nd team All-NSIC South at LT in '10. Transferred from College of DuPage: Played 2 years. All-Conference in '09. Round Projection: PFA. Grade: 4.7

Bryce Davis LS/TE Central Oklahoma 6030 235 lbs 4.95-4.97 40 Bryce Davis Analysis: Davis isn?t very fast and is a bit stiff to play tight end but has very good spin and velocity on his long snaps. He could come in right away and snap as a rookie and be the third tight end. He showed good hands and was consistently impressive as a snapper and pass catcher. Career Snapshot: 44-560-12.7-4 rec in '11. 2nd team All-LSC LS, HM All-LSC TE w/13-89-2 rec in '10. 3-57-2 rec in '09. 6-66-0 rec in 5 gms in '08. Round Projection: PFA. Grade: 4.7

Thomas Mulabah DT California PA 6003 295 lbs 5.00-5.05 40 Thomas Mulabah Analysis: A lot of scouts don?t like shorter tackles but Mulabah is a guy who should still get strong looks because of his first step, speed, and ability to push the pocket. His athletic ability and speed make him a solid developmental free agent worth a camp invite. Career Snapshot: 1st team All-PSAC West w/70 TT, 15.5 TFL, 7 SCK, INT, 4 PBU, 2 QBH, 4 FR/ret one for TD, 2 BLK in 13 gms in '11. 2nd team All-PSAC West w/27 TT, 7 TFL, 2.5 SCK, FR in 10 gms in '10. 31 TT, 9 TFL, 4.5 SCK, INT, 3 PBU, 6 QBH in 13 gms in '09. 19 TT, 7.5 TFL, 4 SCK, 3 PBU, QBH, 2 FF in '08. Round Projection: PFA. Grade: 4.7

Devin Goda WR Slippery Rock 6022 213 lbs 4.51-4.55 40 Devin Goda Analysis: While Goda isn?t the fastest player he has great length, height, and good enough hands to be a possession receiver at the next level. He showed some ability at times to be a potential free agent worth putting on the practice squad. Career Snapshot: 1st team All-PSAC West w/75-1028-13.7-11 rec, 2-8-4.0-0 rush in '11. 2nd team All-PSAC West w/54-590-10.9-3 rec in 10 gms in '10. 2nd team All-PSAC West w/31-466-15.0-3 rec, 1-3-3.0-0 rush, 1-19-19.0-0 KR in '09. 13-175-13.5-0 rec in '08. Redshirted in '07. Round Projection: PFA. Grade: 4.7

Joe Long OT Wayne State (MI) 6054 302 lbs 5.30-5.35 40 Joe Long Analysis: Long is the brother of former No. 1 overall pick Jake Long and has similar size to his brother but will need to work on his knee bend, technique, and consistency. While he isn?t an elite prospect he is certainly worthy of bringing to camp. Career Snapshot: Gene Upshaw Winner, 1st team All-American, GLIAC OL of Yr, 1st team All-GLIAC at LT in '11. 1st team All-GLIAC at LT in '10. HM All-GLIAC at LT in '09. HM All-GLIAC at LT in '08. Brother of Jake Long, 2008 NFL Draft #1 pick and Miami Dolphins OT. Round Projection: PFA. Grade: 4.6

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