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  • Originally posted by Columbuseer View Post

    Malik draws charges and shoots 50% from three. He and cmont are lock down guards. deadly on the drive. good judgment.

    Zach has improved his defense impressively since last year. No longer just a 45% sniper and rarely commits turnovers. Hits the boards like Dyer. AD Ullom says Zach is now much more than a shooter.

    I think Webb was playing not to make an offensive mistake with so many experienced teammates. Understandable for a freshman. He missed a lot of games in high school and was thrown into the fire due to yoakum injury.

    Elijah is improving. When it clicks, he will become a human eraser, like keene cockburn. His minutes went down due to Viktor, emergence of sarson and of course Marlon.

    Garrett shoots 45% from three. This is really his first year of college ball. Defense is improving. We recruited him hard out of high school. He will surprise next year imho.


    • As a fan of West Liberty Basketball and former recruit of the HillToppers I appreciate and like the success that the team rolls out year in and year out, but we do have to admit that we do have a few misses that are currently on the roster. I mean every team in D2 can atleast admit that happens from time to time, no team gets it right 100 percent. WL just needs to figure out how long to stick with a couple of the players or to replace them. I like Ben Howlett as a coach, he just needs to be able to adjust his style during the game when the "West Liberty way" isn't working. By that I mean when you are full court pressing and the other team isn't even blinking an eye breaking it, leading to dunks and wide open three's. In theory that's how Ben wants to play, but in reality WL isn't a great shooting team as currently constructed. It wouldn't hurt either to be able to switch up defenses like a 3/4 or half court trap, you can still speed the game up but also be in better position to defend and rebound. I still support this program fully and enjoyed this years team, but I also look forward to a few additions and subtractions.


      • Originally posted by IUPbigINDIANS View Post

        McKinney spent way too much time yapping with the crowd yesterday.
        He wanted to fight those guys after the game! It was awesome! Thin skin!


        • Nobody talked down on your program, just your boy Boatcap for all the garbage he spews!


          • Originally posted by CALUPA69 View Post

            Given the depth of your insight into most things WLU MBB, would you care to name any players on the current roster who have significant talent but simply don't, or won't, play the style BH demands of them. In other words who may be popping up on the TP thread in the next few days.
            Not to beat a horse, but Watson is probably the best example. He has obvious skills but I don't think, at least thus far, his skills are what WLU values. While he did improve dramatically in 3 point shooting, he just doesn't seem inclined to pull the trigger often enough to be an integral part of the Toppers offense. I love his motor and he shows the potential to be a top notch board sweeper. Limited sample size but he seems very willing to dive on the floor and do the little things that don't necessarily make the stat sheet.


            • Originally posted by TopperNation View Post

              ... but in reality WL isn't a great shooting team as currently constructed. .
              What hurt wlu this year was high degree of variation in shooting %. But they are a great shooting team.

              Out of 300+ d2 teams
              wlu is 4th in fg%
              Wlu is 22nd in 3pt %.

              It would really take some serious detailed study to find root cause for those abysmal shooting games... mechanics? Balance? foot position? Contested shots? Fatigue?
              not sure.

              When we shot poorly in the past, we compensated by rebounding well or scoring off turnovers. That did not happen yesterday.


              • OT
                down 19 in first half Nova se had 9-0 run to end half down by 10.
                ?????union tn, former naia power, had serious d1 level athletes. Boykin was unstoppable from 3 and nova was shooting poorly.

                Second half Nova came back. Down 1 with 3 secs left, Nova has out of bounds under their basket. They do a tip play to guard in front of rim who dribbles once and powers in a 3 ft shot to win with 0.5 sec left 81-80.

                Worth watching the last 3 mins. Exciting stuff.


                • Elija Watson has entered the portal.


                  • Originally posted by boatcapt View Post
                    Elija Watson has entered the portal.
                    You called that one, Boat.


                    • I hope we bring in a D1 transfer big, portal could be huge for us


                      • Now Pat Robinson is in the transfer portal, smh. I didn't expect that, but now we have to go out and get a proven guard.


                        • Originally posted by Layton View Post
                          I hope we bring in a D1 transfer big, portal could be huge for us
                          We almost have to. Cant go into next year with one reed thin guy at 6'7" who has never played a college game being our only "big"...can we?????


                          • Originally posted by TopperNation View Post
                            Now Pat Robinson is in the transfer portal, smh. I didn't expect that, but now we have to go out and get a proven guard.
                            Well, we do have quite a few guards with high basketball IQ's!!

                            Guess that makes our "starting 5":

                            McKiney (only SR on the team)
                            Satterfield (for opening tip be replaced by Montegue or Denbow at the first dead ball)

                            With a "second platoon" of:

                            Montegue or Denbow
                            And Denbow's brother
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                            • Yes, we have guards who have high IQ's but replacing 20 points a game is going to be difficult especially from the guys expected to come back. I have faith in Ben, but man Robinson leaving leaves a huge whole.


                              • I wonder if Robinson got that D1 itch