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Championship Week Results - A new king is crowned!


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  • Championship Week Results - A new king is crowned!

    Our good times together have come to an end.


    Championship Match
    #7 mountaineermagic - 156.3
    #6 JavsFan - 144.25

    It wouldn't have mattered who won the title, either one would be the new lowest seed to ever win our championship bracket. As it turns out, it is the lower of the two, as #7 mountaineermagic wins the battle of the two D2 fantasy rookies to claim the crown as the lowest seed ever, besting #4 gr8ness97 (2013) and #4 Jon Guddat (2014), and breaking a streak of four straight years where the #1 seed won the tournament.

    mountaineer got the highest RB performance of the week as Tyreik McAllister went for 355 yards and 2 TD's for 47.5 points. He, paired with QB Chance Fuller's 36.5 points and RB Garrett Owens' 25.6 points, were an incredible basis for the victory. JavsFan got an equal performance from his RB, Tyler Stuever, who scored 46.7 points, got an equal performance from RB Deonte Glover, who scored 38.4 points, and got an equal performance from QB Cade Brister, who scored 28.15 points. He even got a higher #4 score from WR Henry Litwin with 26.5 points...but the downfall was the 1.2 points from RB Daniel McCants and the 3.3 points from WR Manny Ramsey, as mountaineer got at least 13 points from every starter. Javs will rue the day he declined to start RB Thuro Reisdorfer (20.1) or WR Tevon Wright (29.8) in the title game (Sorry Javs!).

    Huge congratulations to mountaineermagic, claiming the title in his first year, and doing it by taking out the #2 and #1 teams in the league along the way!

    Third-Place Match
    #1 Mule Man - 143.9
    #5 New School Mule - 140.55

    The regular season champion salvaged a third-place finish, besting his kid by only a couple points en route to victory (although NSM didn't submit a lineup anyway, so MM would have won either way).

    MM got his usual great performance from QB Roland Rivers with 41.4 points, and a trio of 22+ point games from WR Shae Wyatt (22.5), RB Ontario Douglas (23.1, with a Jerome Bettis-type statline of 22 yards rushing for 3 TD's and 4 catches for 9 yards), and WR Stanley Jackson (25.9).

    NSM got 30.95 points from QB Dalton Holst, 27.3 from RB Jaquan Hardy and 24.2 from RB Shamar Logan, and couldn't do much better...except for RB Jalen Frye's 46.5 points on the bench.

    Fifth-Place Match
    #3 Runnin' Cat - 124.6
    #2 gr8ness97 - 139.8

    gr8 had the higher score, but didn't get his lineup in on time, so RC takes the victory as the winner of the "loser's bracket." RC did get a big 44.1-point performance from QB Christian Moore, as he continued to ride his CWU guys to the bitter end. gr8 had a pair of big performances from WR Dajuan Greene with 37.3 points and RB Michael Zeman with 34.8 points, as Zeman turned in one of the best half-seasons we've ever seen in the league.

    Seventh-Place Match
    #4 KleShreen - 99.65
    #8 08LionBacker - 150.05

    As you can see...I get the total honor of not finishing last only on a technicality, as 08LB didn't submit a lineup for the third time this year. He will not be returning with us next year.

    08LB did get 44.75 points from QB Ben Holmes, the highest QB score of the week...and also got 40.6 points from WR Zimari Manning, the highest WR score of the week. 33.7 points from RB Paul Terry as well, and he had one of the highest scores of the week.

    I was.....awful again. 31.9 points from RB Jaleel McLaughlin, 21.7 points from RB Justin Rankin, and nobody else over 19 points. My season ended with quite the whimper. But hey, 7th place on a technicality!

    With that said, here is our final playoff bracket to end the 2019 season:

    If you can't read it, here are the final results:
    Final Standings
    Champion: mountaineermagic
    Runner-Up: JavsFan
    Third: Mule Man
    Fourth: New School Mule
    Fifth: Runnin' Cat
    Sixth: gr8ness97
    Seventh: KleShreen
    Eighth: 08LionBacker

    If you want to check all my work, here is the link to the completed spreadsheet for the year:

    For anyone interested in sticking around for 2020, please make sure to check the message board come late July/early August. I will be sending out private messages inquiring if you want to return, and to make sure you are active around these parts so we can find a draft day and time that works for everyone. You'll have about a week to respond, and if I don't hear from you, I'll be finding a replacement. So please check the board once a day or every other day in late July/early August!

    Thanks for playing!