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2021 Rosters (Adds/Drops/Trades)


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  • 2021 Rosters (Adds/Drops/Trades)

    Listed below is the official roster of each team in the league.

    This will also double as the adds/drops/trades thread.

    The waiver wire will be open at all times - however - the lineup thread will be locked approximately an hour before the first D2 game of the week on Thursday. Any roster moves made after that time will not take effect until the next week's games.

    Anyone in D2 is available to pick up. As long as the team is playing in D2, even if they are a provisional member, they are available to pick up.


    When you want to add/drop a player, post it in this format:

    *Member Name* adds *Position* *Player Name* - *School*
    *Member Name* drops *Position* *Player Name* - *School*

    Streaming players will not be tolerated. If there starts to be a pattern of dropping multiple players (or the same positional guys) each week to get match-up advantages, your add/drop abilities will be taken away or severely reduced. Most likely, an add/drop limit will be instituted. Get a team you like and stick with them for the majority of the season, sans injuries or poor performance.

    For trades if you choose to do so, arrange them with the other owner via PM's. Then, when you agree to a trade, one of you will come in here and post this:

    *Member Name* agrees to trade:
    *Position* *Player Name* - *School*


    *Member Name* for:
    *Position* *Player Name* - *School*

    And after that is posted, the other owner must come in here and post that he approves of the trade.

    When an add/drop is posted in here, I will then update this post with a new roster for your team showing the transaction. Don't freak out if it doesn't show up right away. I can't be on the message board all day every day and I'll add it when I see it. With that said, I would also prefer that if you make a roster move, don't do it right before you submit your starting lineup for the week. I don't want anyone posting an add/drop in here, then going to the lineup thread and submitting their lineup before I have had a chance to update the official rosters in this post. I don't want this to happen and then have it be that you picked up a player that is already on someone else's team and it can't be approved. So just wait for me to update this post and the lineup thread with the roster move reflected and then post your lineup.

    I think that covers everything. If you have any questions, post them in here.

    Here is everyone's rosters, in alphabetical order:

    QB Austin Reed - West Florida
    QB Chris Brimm - Notre Dame
    RB Sy Alli - Wheeling
    RB Al McKeller - NW Missouri State
    RB Dwayne McGee - Lenoir-Rhyne
    RB Jarod Epperson - Augustana
    RB Marvin Campbell - Ferris State
    WR Tywan Pearce - Concord
    WR Josh Cornell - Oklahoma Baptist
    WR Danny Kittner - Mary

    QB Tyson Bagent - Shepherd
    QB Bryce Witt - Chowan
    RB Thuro Reisdorfer - Sioux Falls
    RB Calil Wilkins - Bowie State
    RB Ronnie Brown - Shepherd
    RB EJ Burgess - Franklin Pierce
    WR Keilahn Harris - Oklahoma Baptist
    WR Laurence King - Chowan
    WR Armani Carmickle - Minnesota-Duluth
    WR Xavier Wade - Ferris State

    QB Wade Freeman - TAMU Kingsville
    QB Preston Haire - Oklahoma Baptist
    RB Kendel Givens - Ouachita Baptist
    RB TJ Cole - Ouachita Baptist
    RB Seth McGill - Valdosta State
    RB Ali Mohamed - Minot State
    WR Ty Chisum - TAMU Kingsville
    WR L'Liott Curry - Henderson State
    WR Duane Brown - Indiana (Pa.)
    WR Imeek Watkins - Chowan

    QB Logan Nelson - Mary
    QB Jared Bernhardt - Ferris State
    RB Jordan Terrell - Barton
    RB Tyler Stuever - Oklahoma Baptist
    RB Gunner Anglovich - East Stroudsburg
    RB Justin Felder - Stonehill
    WR Luke Little - Mary
    WR Brendan Beaulieu - Bemidji State
    WR Senika McKie - Erskine
    WR Grady Bresnahan - MSU Moorhead

    QB TJ Davis - Nebraska-Kearney
    QB Brycen Mussina - Shippensburg
    RB Demetrius Battle - West Alabama
    RB Josh Cummings - Western Colorado
    RB Jariq Scales - Southern Arkansas
    RB Ja'Den McKenzie - West Chester
    WR Jalen Martin - Pittsburg State
    WR MJ Link - UT Permian Basin
    WR Lio'undre Gallimore - Valdosta State
    WR Tyreik McAllister - Charleston

    Mule Man
    QB Cooper Callis - SW Baptist
    QB Hunter Trautman - Northern State
    RB Cole Chancey - Harding
    RB Michael Zeman - Colorado Mines
    RB Cody Schrader - Truman State
    WR Cam Saunders - Central Missouri
    WR Ryan Beach - Shepherd
    WR CJ Sims - New Mexico Highlands
    WR Dewaylon Ingram - Northern State
    WR Eugene Witherspoon - Quincy

    The New School Mule
    QB Dalton Holst - Chadron State
    QB Jack McDaniels - West Alabama
    RB Toriano Clinton - Indianapolis
    RB Ahmad Lewis - South Dakota Mines
    RB Tristan Tucker - Fort Hays
    RB Omari Land - Western Oregon
    WR Ruben Flowers - Findlay
    WR Dakota Larson - Northern State
    WR James Letcher Jr. - Washburn
    WR Josh Powell - Western New Mexico

    Runnin' Cat
    QB Noah Grover - Slippery Rock
    QB John Larson - Minnesota-Duluth
    RB Tyler Flanagan - Central Washington
    RB Omar Sinclair - Harding
    RB Mario Anderson - Newberry
    RB Rashaad Boddie - Central Washington
    WR Malik Williams - Bemidji State
    WR Henry Litwin - Slippery Rock
    WR Isaiah Robinson - West Liberty
    WR Dominic Pegley - Sioux Falls
    Last Updated
    November 8, 2021 8:48 PM
    Last edited by KleShreen; 11-08-2021, 09:25 PM.

  • #2
    mountaineermagic drops Jeff Hansen, RB, Fort Lewis
    mountaineermagic picks up Braxton Westfield, WR, Carson Newman

    mountaineermagic drops Isaac Maestas, RB, Colorado Mesa
    mountaineermagic picks up Lio'undre Gallimore, WR, Valdosta State
    Last edited by mountaineermagic; 08-26-2021, 01:20 PM.


    • #3
      mountaineermagic drops RB, DJ Penick, CSU-Pueblo
      mountaineermagic adds RB, Montrez Jackson, Nebraska-Kearney


      • #4
        Runnin' Cat drops QB Jackson Ostrowsky Southern CT
        Runnin' Cat adds QB JJ Lemming CWU

        Runnin' Cat drops RB Tyler Stuever - Oklahoma Baptist
        Runnin' Cat adds WR Daniel Johnson - CWU


        • #5
          KleShreen Drops QB Noah Grover - Slippery Rock
          KleShreen Adds QB Jared Bernhardt - Ferris State


          • #6
            Mule Man drop RB Chantz Swartz - Shepherd
            Mule Man add WR Ryan Beach - Shepherd


            • #7
              gr8ness97 drops RB Deshaun Wethington, Chowan
              gr8ness97 adds WR Laurence King, Chowan


              • #8
                JavsFan drops RB Alfred Grear - Angelo State
                JavsFan adds RB TJ Cole, Ouachita Baptist
                Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, "I think I'll squeeze these dangly things here, and drink whatever comes out?"


                • #9
                  Mule Man drops RB Nash Sutherlin - Lindenwood
                  Mule Man adds RB Cody Schrader - Truman


                  • #10
                    JavsFan drops RB Devante Turner - Central Missouri
                    JavsFan adds WR David Durden, West Florida
                    Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, "I think I'll squeeze these dangly things here, and drink whatever comes out?"


                    • #11
                      Mule Man drops WR Chad Gailliard - Saginaw Valley
                      Mule Man adds WR Darius Nalls - West Alabama


                      • #12
                        Tnsm adds rb toriano Clinton UINDY
                        TNSM drops rn Ja’Len Frye bemidji st


                        • #13
                          Tnsm drops WR Ryan LaFollette - Wheeling
                          tnsm adds QB Jack McDaniels - West Bama


                          • #14
                            gr8ness97 drops Slippery Rock WR Jermaine Wynn Jr
                            gr8ness97 adds WR Armani Carmickle, Minnesota Duluth

                            gr8ness97 drops RB Jamar Thompkins, Valdosta State
                            gr8ness97 adds RB Cody Shrader, Truman State
                            Last edited by gr8ness97; 09-05-2021, 04:15 PM.


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                              Originally posted by gr8ness97 View Post
                              gr8ness97 drops Slippery Rock WR Jermaine Wynn Jr
                              gr8ness97 adds WR Armani Carmickle, Minnesota Duluth

                              gr8ness97 drops RB Jamar Thompkins, Valdosta State
                              gr8ness97 adds RB Cody Shrader, Truman State
                              I already grabbed Cody Schrader from the Bulldogs.