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    First thing's first, here's the spreadsheet:

    We have some things to go over.

    #2 KleShreen - 219.2
    #1 Mule Man - 195.3

    Last year's championship was crazy. I was able to beat Mule Man, in the highest-scoring match-up in league history. Mule Man's score at the time was the most points ever scored in a loss.

    In 2022? The exact same scenario. Myself and MM combined for 414.50 points, the most combined points in a match-up in league history. MM's 195.3 points is the most ever scored in a loss in league history. Out of the six highest scores ever accomplished in losses, MM has been on the losing end of three of them.......all in the league championship game (the third was in 2015, when he scored 175.65 points in a championship loss to 08LionBacker (186.25 points)).

    My 219.2 points is the 8th-highest output in league history.

    I'm sorry, MM.

    Here's the recap:

    I was buoyed by both the highest QB score of the week, with Gage Porter's 64.5 points (226 yards/4 TD passing, 172 yards/2 TD rushing), as well as the highest RB score of the week, with Jordan Terrell's 54.4 points (226 yards/5 TD rushing). I also got 31.2 points from my Concord duo, with both WR Jarod Bowie (8 catches/212 yards, 1 TD) and RB Thurlow Wilkins (141 yards/2 TD rushing, 4 catches/31 yards) reaching the mark.

    To counter, MM had the highest-scoring WR of the week with Xavier Malone's 37.25 points (5 yards/1 TD passing, 7 yards rushing, 9 catches/138 yards/2 TD), and he got a huge 50.15-point performance from QB Jack Mangel (371 yards/4 TD/1 INT passing, -14 yards/2 TD rushing), as well as 33.3 points from WR Brendan Beaulieu (5 catches/128 yards/3 TD) and 31.3 points from RB Michael Zeman (133 yards/3 TD rushing). Couldn't have really asked for a much better championship match-up.

    It is my third tournament title, while MM has now finished as the runner-up five times.

    #5 Fro-th_and_goal - 149.75
    #6 gr8ness97 - 93.1

    In our third-place match-up, Fro got a big 39.6-point performance from RB TJ Cole (18 yards/1 TD passing, 114 yards/3 TD rushing, 3 catches/18 yards), and 35.35 points from QB Brandon Alt (243 yards/4 TD passing, -8 yards rushing) to lead the way to victory. gr8 actually turned his lineup in late, but I let him keep it anyway since he still lost lol. But he got 21.6 points from WR Asa Wondeh (5 catches/131 yards/1 TD), however, he had nobody else clear 19 points.

    #3 Wayne Cavadi - 116.55
    #4 JavsFan - 94.7

    Wayne finishes off his first season with a fifth-place tournament finish, helped by 32.3 points from WR David Durden (6 catches/173 yards/2 TD) and 20.4 points from WR Redd Douglas (7 catches/109 yards/1 TD). Javs got 31.9 points from QB Turner Pullen (286 yards/1 TD/1 INT, 26 yards/2 TD rushing), which honestly might be one of the highest point totals we've ever had against an FCS opponent. However, his top WR, Duane Brown from IUP, did not play in the PSAC title game victory.

    #8 mountaineermagic - 115.1
    #7 Runnin' Cat - 84.85

    mountaineer grabs a seventh-place victory behind a trip of good performances, led by QB Hunter Raquet's 41.65 points (267 yards/5 TD passing, -17 yards rushing), RB Jaxton Carson's 29.2 points (172 yards/2 TD rushing), and WR MJ Link's 23.25 points in a swiss army knife-esque game where he threw for 83 yards, rushed for 103 yards and 1 TD, and caught 2 passes for 18 yards. Link was actually the leading passer for UTPB in terms of yards and attempts. RC got 28.85 points from QB TJ Davis (71 yards/2 TD, 1 INT passing, 103 yards/1 TD rushing) and 27.3 points from RB Omari Land (130 yards/2 TD rushing, 2 catches/13 yards), but had three players not able to reach double digits in scoring.

    That makes our final bracket and finishing order look like this:

    If you can't read it, our final finishing order is:

    Champion: KleShreen
    Runner-Up: Mule Man
    Third Place: Fro-th_and_goal
    Fourth Place: gr8ness97
    Fifth Place: Wayne Cavadi
    Sixth Place: JavsFan
    Seventh Place: mountaineermagic
    Eighth Place: Runnin' Cat

    Thank you all for playing this year. I plan on inviting everyone back for next year, as I think we have a good group of engaged players who make things very competitive on a weekly basis. I'll be sending out interest private messages sometime around July to verify whether people want to be back in or not. I ask that, if you leave the board after football season, please start checking back in mid-July to see that private message and respond. Otherwise, please follow either myself KleShreen or the fantasy league @D2Fantasy on Twitter, where I can DM you there. Just some way to be able to get in touch with you in the summer prior to the next football season.
    2021 D2Football Fantasy Champion

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    Thank you for doing this once again. I look forward to playing again next year.
    Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, "I think I'll squeeze these dangly things here, and drink whatever comes out?"


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      Thanks for inviting me into the league this year. It was a lot of fun. Hopefully you'll have me back next year!