Scoring system is as follows:

1 point per 20 yards passing
1 point per 10 yards rushing
1 point per 10 yards receiving
0.5 points per reception

6 points per touchdown (all touchdowns, including returning)

-3 points per interception thrown

Negative points are distributed for negative rushing/receiving/passing totals. So if a player has 10 carries for -5 yards, they will receive -0.5 points for the week.

Also - yes, each player will get other "area's" stats. So a QB will be awarded with rushing/receiving stats, an RB will be awarded with passing/receiving stats, and a WR will be awarded with passing/rushing stats if they have any for that week. Every position can be awarded 6 points for a return touchdown.


August 31-September 2
gr8ness97 vs Fro-th_and_goal
KleShreen vs JavsFan
Runnin' Cat vs Mule Man
Wayne Cavadi vs Matt Witwicki

September 7-9
KleShreen vs Fro-th_and_goal
JavsFan vs Runnin' Cat
Mule Man vs Wayne Cavadi
gr8ness97 vs Matt Witwicki

September 14-16
gr8ness97 vs KleShreen
Runnin' Cat vs Fro-th_and_goal
Wayne Cavadi vs JavsFan
Mule Man vs Matt Witwicki

September 21-23
gr8ness97 vs Mule Man
Fro-th_and_goal vs Wayne Cavadi
KleShreen vs Runnin' Cat
JavsFan vs Matt Witwicki

September 28-30
Wayne Cavadi vs KleShreen
gr8ness97 vs Runnin' Cat
Mule Man vs JavsFan
Fro-th_and_goal vs Matt Witwicki

October 5-7
JavsFan vs Fro-th_and_goal
Mule Man vs KleShreen
gr8ness97 vs Wayne Cavadi
Runnin' Cat vs Matt Witwicki

October 12-14
gr8ness97 vs JavsFan
Fro-th_and_goal vs Mule Man
Runnin' Cat vs Wayne Cavadi
KleShreen vs Matt Witwicki

October 19-21
#1 vs #2
#3 vs #4
#5 vs #6
#7 vs #8
Position Week

October 26-28
#1 Seed vs #8 Seed
#4 Seed vs #5 Seed
#3 Seed vs #6 Seed
#2 Seed vs #7 Seed
First Round of Playoffs

November 2-4
Highest Winning Seed vs Lowest Winning Seed
2nd-Highest Winning Seed vs 2nd-Lowest Winning Seed
Highest Losing Seed vs Lowest Losing Seed
2nd-Highest Losing Seed vs 2nd-Lowest Losing Seed
Semifinals of Playoffs

November 9-11
Championship Week

Each week, the starting lineups will be as follows:

1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 RB/WR spot (can choose either a RB or WR here each week)
4 Bench spots

Each week, at the beginning of the week, I will post a thread that says "Week # Lineup Thread" and you are responsible for posting your lineup inside that thread AN HOUR BEFORE THE FIRST GAME OF THE WEEK IN DIVISION II FOOTBALL ON THURSDAY. If you fail to submit a lineup for one week, your previous week's lineup will carry over for points BUT YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY GET THE LOSS. Even if you don't have anyone in your lineup playing on Thursday, this is in an effort to make sure that everyone has the same "deadline" for making roster moves for the week, plus the availability of information on players. I don't want some people's lineups locking at 7 pm Thursday, while someone else who has guys only playing on Saturday can go pick up a player on Friday and plug them in to their lineup for Saturday, or has an extra day of information on the injury status/availability of players. So if the first game of the week is being played at 8 pm Eastern Thursday, you have until 7 pm Eastern Thursday to post your lineup.

You will post your starting lineup each week in a new thread that will be started by myself. I will go through each week and post each team's roster and what team each player on their team is facing that week along with the day they play. This makes it easier for people to determine their starting lineup. I'll also be keeping track of the scoring for each week, so there is nothing for you to do besides post your starting lineup and make roster moves! You can assemble your roster any way you see fit...if you want 2 RB's, 3 WR's, and 5 QB's, go ahead, but know how that will mess with your lineups.

The "waiver wire" will never close. However, any roster moves made after the lineups are due, an hour before the first D2 game of each week, will not be active until the next week's games. I would very much appreciate if any roster moves are made as early as possible in the week so I can confirm them before you submit a lineup. We've had a couple instances where someone tried to add a player who was already owned, and they submitted a lineup with a player in it who they could not have on their team. So I would really appreciate if roster moves are made early in the week so I can make sure they are valid changes. And if you make a roster move after you have submitted your lineup for the week, please make a brand new post in the lineup thread with a newly-updated lineup. I don't go and look back at lineup posts if you happen to edit it. The first time I see it, it gets put in to the spreadsheet, and I just look for new posts after that.

For roster moves, I will have a thread where people can post their moves if they wish to add or drop a player. I will have some kind of restriction so people can not turnover their roster each week to gain the match-up advantage, so don't go into it thinking that's what you will be able to do.

Positions of players will be determined based on the position they are listed at on their school's roster page. I will not listen to anyone who goes "well I'm friends with Joe Football and he gets the majority of his time at wide receiver"...if he is listed on the school's roster page as an RB, he will be considered an RB. Also, you can use a TE at the WR position.

If you have any other questions, please post them in here!!!