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NE10 Week 10 Scores


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  • NE10 Week 10 Scores

    Eyes are on Worcester, does Assumption win the NE10 today?

    I need two screens today-my other school (Penn State) also plays at 12.
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    Ju’An Williams caught a TD pass...well, actually it was a terribly thrown ball that an Assumption defensive back had picked but ended up deflecting it into Williams’ hands for the TD. Chargers get real lucky and lead early 7-0.


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      Assumption answers, 7-7 now


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        Safety as Lupoli is sacked in the end zone. 9-7 Assumption.


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          Assumption scores again, now lead 16-7. New Haven once again struggling to move the ball.


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            19-7 Assumption at the Half.

            New Haven looks overmatched here and is lucky to have scored at all.

            Watching online is fun though lol


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              An Assumption field goal makes it 19-7 at the half.

              Chargers look like they’re running 5% of their playbook. It’s nice to see Assumption running plays that don’t involve some variation of a running back dive into the line. New Haven ran those kinds of plays last year.
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                AIC leads 21-13 at the half.


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                  Currently in the 4th quarter AIC leads St. As 39-19. St. As came close but in the middle of the third AIC pulled away.


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                    AIC wins. 39-19. Great win for the seniors. Offense looked really good. Bentley is next.


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                      New Haven put together their best 30 minutes of the year and won 34-33. Lupoli completed a TD pass with 25 seconds left that I couldn’t tell if the receiver was in bounds. Assumption broke off a long kickoff return that was called back and the resulting plays didn’t get them into field goal range.


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                        Wish I could have seen the end I lost the feed tried and tried to get it back and thus did not watch the entire 2nd half.

                        Congrats UNH on a great comeback


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                          Bentley thumped Franklin Pierce 70-0

                          Stonehill is leading Pace 34-22 with 3 minutes left. Pace will need a lot to go their way to get back in it.


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                            If results hold, you will have New Haven, Assumption, and Stonehill all at 6-3 and 5-2 NE10. Bentley is 5-4 and 5-2 NE10.

                            New Haven and Stonehill play each other next week, Assumption plays St. Anselm, and Bentley plays AIC. You could conceivably have three teams with a 6-2 NE10 record.

                            Is there a tiebreaker? Should we get the hat from Harry Potter to determine the champion?


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                              Stonehill gets the win, 34-22 over Pace.

                              NE10 business is over for the day.