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    Great win yesterday, both offense and defense played great. Go Bears!


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      What a great day/weekend in Philly!

      Bear Nation always turns out for the Bears! We dominated the crowd at Limestone and I feel sure we matched them yesterday.

      Team mom Jamie Dickenson organized a massive pre and postgame tailgate. Tony and all of the guys cooking were masters. Bear Nation enjoyed the pregame and then Coach P and the players joined us for the celebration. Hats off to Jamie and the lacrosse parents!

      Last but not least, the father of LR lacrosse had to be present looking down on what he truly believed in when he brought the idea lacrosse and Coach P to Dr. Powell and the Bears Club board some 14-15 years ago. Neill knew what he was doing and I am so glad that his daughter Ashley Fox got to be there and celebrate with us. Thank you to Neill, Coach P, all of the players, staff both past and present, Dr. Whitt, and Kim who have taken lacrosse from an idea at LR to National Champions!

      What a STELLAR time to be a Bear!


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        I also want to thank Justin, Ingrid, Leslie, Kaitlyn, Katrina, and the Bears Club for putting on a stellar event at The Winston on Saturday night. Once again Bear Nation showed up and I think the staff was not prepared for who WE are and what WE do!

        The staff of the Winston treated us great and worked so hard to make sure we had a great event. Thank you!


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          Congratulations to L-R. Welcome to the Lax NC Club!