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Oklahoma State Government wants all D2 Schools in same Conference


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    Originally posted by BulldogLB View Post
    If the OK politicians make it that way, then yes, NSU and UCO would have to leave the MIAA. But I keep hearing whispers that UCO is very close to making the jump to the FCS. Who knows what they will actually decide to do.
    I have heard this for 22 years. One day it may be true.


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      Originally posted by ctrabs74 View Post

      The LSC schools are probably even more desperate now that TAMU-Commerce is moving up to the D1/FCS Southland Conference as early as next year. By my count, that leaves the LSC with seven football schools and if or or both the two New Mexico schools ever think about bailing for the RMAC or some other option (highly doubtful, since they don't exactly have a landing spot), then the LSC is in serious trouble from a football standpoint.

      About the only upside to this is that you're potentially looking at the MIAA losing two schools, thus ending their silo scheduling scheme.
      Agreed. Starting to look like a ghost town for football. Angelo State is also pondering a move to FCS. WTAMU passed on an invite and is now probably having second thoughts.