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    Only two games for me this week that seemed to be a fairly easy choice. I could see the other five easily go either way.

    Augustana at Minnesota State-Mankato - GOTW. Augie's got a good run defense, and Kato is more of a running team. I'm thinking it will come down to the passing game, and frankly Augie is better in that regard. MSU has the benefit of home field advantage, but I don't think that will sway things enough to keep Augie from winning in what looks to be a tight contest.

    Upper Iowa at Minot State - Try as they might, one of these teams will definitely not be going 0-11 this season. Minot has been playing tougher the last few weeks. I haven't seen that same toughness from UIU. Tack on the longest road trip in the conference and I think Minot gets their first win.

    Mary at Minnesota State-Moorhead - Another toss-up. Mary has a great offense, but really no defense. I don't know much about Moorhead except for their scores, but from those they appear to be a little more balanced. I don't think they'll have the offensive firepower to keep up with the Marauders, who are probably looking to score after getting held down last Saturday. I'll pick Mary in an offensive shootout.

    Northern State at Concordia-St. Paul - Easy pick #1 of the week. Northern doesn't appear to have the luster they did early in the season, but unfortunately for Concordia, the Golden Bears haven't had any luster this season. I think Northern takes this one easily as long as they don't overlook CSP.

    Winona State at Sioux Falls - Yet another toss-up. If the Coo play like they have against Augie and Mary, then it will be a USF victory. If they play like they did against Northern and Bemidji, then I think Winona will win. As spotty as the Coo have been this year, the Warriors have been even more so. That also factors into the mix. I'm taking USF at home by a field goal.

    Bemidji State at Minnesota-Duluth - On paper this looks like it should be a Bulldog win, but I also thought that a couple weeks ago when WSC came to town. Bemidji is an above average team this year, but as the season progresses their percentile seems to be dropping. They certainly have the ability to knock off Duluth. I'm going to go with the safe pick, however.

    Wayne State at Southwest Minnesota State - Easy pick #2 of the week. SMSU is going to face an angry Wildcat team coming in after last week's home loss. I don't think the Mustangs have the offense needed to secure a victory against Wayne.

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    Here is some interesting news from the NCAA D2 writer. Many undefeated lost on Saturday. There is more info.

    No. 1 and No. 2 fall as top-25 upsets rock the DII football landscape. Here's what you missed |


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      I honestly didn't think Northern would have any trouble with Minot and boy was I wrong. This defense is terrible and I'm not optimistic they will figure things out this season. Concordia has had an extremely disappointing season as many predicted they would be in the middle of the conference this season. Granted, they have played the toughest part of their schedule so far but I still think they expected to have more than 1 win at this point in the season. If NSU doesn't come ready to play, they will get beat this weekend. The Wolves have been able to get up for big games, but have been subpar as favorites. I hope they are ready this weekend.

      Augie vs. Mankato is absolutely the best game this week. Can Augie finally get over that Maverick hurdle? I don't think they will be able to and the mystique of MSU will carry on in the NSIC.

      I think Mary can go to Moorhead and put up enough points to beat the Dragons. I expect this to be a high scoring game.

      I wanted to pick SMSU over Wayne, but I couldn't pull the trigger. This week could be a problem for Wayne as they finally lost after a string of running through the upper echelon of the NSIC. They could be set up for a big letdown in Marshall. However, I do think Wayne is just too good to lose to SMSU.

      Bemidji hasn't been super convincing in some of their wins, but they are 5-2. If Larson is still out, the Beavers could steal one here but I still expect Duluth to win.

      Winona at USF doesn't maybe have the luster it did at the beginning of the season, but this is still a very good game too. A USF win would keep their playoff hopes alive and I think they get it.

      Fayette, IA to Minot, ND is 692 miles. That is a long trip for this game.


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        Yes it is a long road trilp for winless UIU. I'll bet if they win there will be no regrets.

        In a 1 point losing effort, I commend Minot for playing their hearts out at Northern.

        I'm guessing NSU players are maturing and realize they cannot skate through games.

        Augustana at MSU. I'm wondering if turnovers will determine winner in this game.

        Wayne's QB Nick Bohn will be torturing defenses for 4 years. He is a big body that can run, makes good decisions and throw accurate passes.

        Wayne has post season aspiration and should win against a feisty Mustang outfit.

        Statistics point to a Bulldog victory, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Beavers prevail.

        For some reason I think USF will win big. I've said it before, never count the Coo out.

        Mary at Moorhead. First I chose MSUM then changed to Mary, now I'm might go back to the Dragons. Think I will check common opponents scores.


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          Looks like Larson played at CSP last week but was limited. Anyone know or anticipate his status against BSU? I think outcome of that one comes down to Larson's status.


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            NSIC Week Eight Preview - 2021 (

            Witt picks.


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              Originally posted by Matt Witwicki View Post
              Thank you Witt for taking the time to write this up every week. We really appreciate it and enjoy your column!


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                Fantastic job of researching each team. It must take a great deal of time getting this ready every week!
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                  Well it’s pretty much do or die for the Mavericks today. Augustana is the favorite but MSU is very capable of winning if they play well. The key will be stopping the balanced attack of the Vikings. While I am confident that we will stop the running game, I am not so confident we’ll be able to stop their passing attack as we’ve had issues coverage and that goes back to the Trey Heid era. But Saddler can be a loose cannon at times and the mavs will hope he’ll be a loose cannon, but that has been less frequent this season. Should be a good game!


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                    Serious question, why can't Mankato figure out their digital scoreboard on their broadcast? It's 2021. High school teams have better functioning digital scoreboards.


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                      Wow, Vikings dominating the Mavericks in 2nd Qtr. 14-0


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                        Mavs can’t get a stop on 3rd down. Saddler is finally playing like an elite QB that many expected him to when he first started.


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                          Special-teams has sure bailed out the mavs. They should be down way more at half and start with the ball in the 2nd half. Mavs down 21-14


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                            There’s the season. Hats off to Auggie they’re a complete team and should make a run in the playoffs.


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                              TV ribbon of score and time is awful, has AU with 36 pts. instead of 38 and xtra 10 mins. of time.

                              Vikings will win in a heavyweight fight.