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2021-22 Men's Basketball Media Polls are out!


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  • 2021-22 Men's Basketball Media Polls are out!

    Coaches and Media Polls are fairly similar with NWMS and Washburn being #1 and #2 respectively. UCO, MO Southern and MO Western juggle between the #3, #4 and #5 slots depending on the poll. Fort Hays is #6 in both pools and Rogers St, Pitt State and Emporia State are flipped flopped in the #7, #8 and #9 slots. #10 thru #14 are the same in both polls, Lincoln, UCM, UNK, NSU and then finally Newman. Here they are:

    Coaches Poll Media Poll
    1)NWMS (13) 1)NWM (9)
    2)Washburn (1) 2)Washburn
    3)UCO 3)MO Western
    4)MO Southern 4)MO Southern
    5)MO Western 5)UCO
    6)FHSU 6)FHSU
    7)Rogers St. 7)ESU
    8)Pitt State 8)Rogers St
    9)ESU 9)Pitt St
    10)LIncoln 10)Lincoln
    11)UCM 11)UCM
    12)UNK 12)UNK
    13)NSU 13)NSU
    14)Newman 14)Newman

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    Based on recent history, I understand why NW was picked first. However, with what Washburn has coming back and NW losing Hawkins to Creighton, it's not hard to see how Washburn could be seen as the favorites. Hard to go against the odds though and that has been NW for 7 straight years (8 if you count ties).

    UCM....oof. Hard to believe that is where the program is now. KA damn near killed two programs by leaving UCM.


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      That is nice of you to say NW Hoops but I still think NWMS has to be the favorite. 6 or their top 7 players back from last year and some pretty nice looking redshirts makes the Bearcats the team to beat. I like what Ballard said at the MIAA media day. It was something like this, "we have tremendous respect for what NWMS has done and most of all I respect the way their players conduct themselves". He went on to say, "if anyone could stick their chests out it would be them but they have stayed humble and continue to work really hard. I think the Ichabods have a nice group and they have a couple of really nice Freshman (Keegan, Ross & Monday) and two really nice transfers in (Harrell & Ellis) to go with Geiman, Lewis, Nelson, Deffebaugh, Braun, Carter and Clausing so it should be a fun year. However, until someone dethrones the Bearcats they are still the team to beat.


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        I took a stab at taking a look at the top players on each team (picked 4 on the top 2 teams, top 3 on the next 5 teams and top 2 on the bottom 7 in the pre-season polls). I also picked the top newcomer on each team. They could be a player from last year but they had to be a non-starter that played limited minutes. This is designed to get the conversation going. Here they are:

        NWMS--top 4 players-Hudgins, Bernard, Alexander & Dreamer. Newcomer: Jackson
        WASH--top 4 players-Geiman, Lewis, Nelson & Clausing. Newcomer: Keegan
        UCO--top 3 players-Wade, Haydon & Givens. Newcomer: Wells
        MSSU--top 3 players-Scott, Bundy & Dessesow. Newcomer: Ndaw
        MWSU--top 3 players-Mays, Bennett & Eames. Newcomer: Champion
        FHSU--top 3 players-Vitzum, Rock & K. Hammeke. Newcomer: Hamperian
        RSU--top 3 players-Pullum, Peacock & Saracco. Newcomer: Pearre
        PSU--top 2 players-Arthur-Williams & Hardict. Newcomer: James
        ESU--top 2 players-Turner & Van Dyke. Newcomer: Buchanan
        LU--top 2 players-Woods & Rigmaiden. Newcomer: Williams
        UCM--top 2 players-Hunter & Pinkley. Newcomer: Todd
        UNK--top 2 players-Luger & Nebeker. Newcomer: Hustun
        NSU--top 2 players-Davis & Ngu. Newcomer: R. Gendron
        Newman--top 2 players-Bunn & Javorsky. Newcomer: Barnes
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          This should be fun. It's going to be tough for NW to pull it off again, but I would never bet against them with what they've accomplished. Washburn is loaded and Clausing will be an issue. I try not to look at it as losing Hawkins to Creighton as much as Hawkins was a senior and wouldn't be here anyway. But then again, neither should Geiman... that bastard. ;) I'm not as worried about replacing Hawk's offense, because I think someone will step into that role and add more scoring... Dreamer, Waters, Alexander will be a bigger part of the offense, maybe even one of the redshirts or incoming freshman, but its the other things that will be difficult. The length, the activity, the rebounding, the defense... especially the help. He was special in that way and did a lot for us, without a doubt, that helped mask our lack of interior size. It all starts with guard play and we have two of the best in D2, but Washburn can confidently say the same thing... it's going to be battle at the top. It'll be interesting to see where the other challenges come from.


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            Very nice of you Alfred 33. I think the league will be improved this year. When you look at the other teams I think UCO, FHSU, MWWS, Pitt State, MO Western and ESU will be much improved. I think MO Southern might take a little step back with Martin gone but they also have a really good nucleus back. When I was studying rosters, Rogers State also looks like they have recruited well and with Pullum & Peacock back they should be better as well. It is hard to tell about Pitt State and UCM. They have quite a few back and some new transfers but could also be improved. I agree with you on NWMS. Hawkins did a ton of little things in addition to all the big things that he did (i.e. scoring and rebounding) but I believe he will be replaced by committee. Several really good young players on the Bearcats roster and with Hudgins and Bernard you will be able to control the pace of most games. Should be a fun season and the Hall of Fame games the first week of Nov and the Central Region games the following weekend and should be a fun start to the season.