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NNU beats WOU 95-59


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  • NNU beats WOU 95-59

    Not a typo, NNU had 51 points at half, This WOU team is sadly a joke. NNU is a .500 ball club and WOU almost gave up 100. Of course as an alum I want to get behind them and the coaching staff, but this is the worst WOU team in more than a decade. It appears the players don't care, and I'm not sure where that attitude comes from. One would think after all this Covid crap and missing games, they'd want to play hard. Guess not.

    I can't believe the program has slid this far. The last time they played two years ago -- with the current coaching staff -- they got 2nd in the GNAC. Not sure ignoring in-state recruiting and going to all over the country to get players who don't care is the right formula. Actually, scoreboard shows it is NOT the right formula.

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    CWU clobbers WOU, which isn't even trying anymore, giving up nearly 60% FG shooting to CWU to lose 90-67. Man they give up a lot of points. At this point, go with the youth movement, start the young guys and play for next year. Not sure how the wheels came off so quick.