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  • Be careful what you wish for ...

    Former SPU coach Ryan Looney at Idaho State is 3-11 in conference and 6-17 overall -- dead last. I've long lamented on this board and the football board about the worst job in all of D-1, that being in Pocatello. Growing up in a Big Sky town, I've watched that conference. It's not a good D-1 league, some great players now and then, Damian Lilliard, for example. But overall it's usually a 29-30 RPI/14 to 16 seed in the Big Dance. WOU had a great coach in the 80's in my era, who won huge, 25 wins a year on average. He left for Idaho State -- I cringed, even back then. He took ISU to the Big Dance -- their last appearance in the tourney -- and they fired him 2 years later. CWU had a great football coach, one of the guys whose name begins with Z -- I think there's a Zinisek and a Zamerlin, one of those dudes. They fired him after a couple down years. That place sucks.

    Looney had one of the top D2 programs in the country at SPU. Despite bad crowds and traveling by bus, I'd rather coach at SPU in Seattle than the sink hole of Pocatello and the death trap of Idaho State sports.
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    Give him a season or so though. Patience is not your strong suit. He needs at least a season to learn the conference and the differences with D2 and get some of his own recruiting in too. I would 100% agree with you on Pocatello though...


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      Now a new issue at ISU, associate head coach Jared Phay didn't return to the bench one game and was dismissed from the program. Hot head Looney and him didn't see eye-to-eye.

      This isn't about patience, Idaho State has sucked for 50 years and they're not getting better and now this with his assistant.

      Like I said, be careful what you wish for. Looney won't win there ... period. It's not him, it's the school, the town, the culture, the god-awful athletic department.


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        Oh jeez. That does not sound good for morale and speaks to more than Looney just needing time. We'll see?


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          It's the lead story on Coaches: Don't ever go to Idaho State! It's a mess. They have fired every men's hoop coach since 1980 -- 40 years or more. No one moves up from there. One football coach moved up since 1980, all others fired. Frankly, they should either go D2 or eliminate athletics. I'm for elimination, complete waste of money.


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            Whoops, some errors on my part -- Looney left SPU for Point Loma, IMO, an even better D2 job than SPU and living in freaking San Diego for one of the worst D-1 jobs in America. Yeah, perhaps it's everyone's dream to coach D-1, but to leave San Diego for Pocatello, that's really bad ... and then to coach at ISU, that's rough. Every coach thinks he's going to be the one to win at ISU and quickly move out of there to another D-1 job. Hasn't happened in 50 years.

            I'd consider Point Loma an epic job.


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                Knowing ISU, Looney might not survive the year. They change coaches like most people change socks. His wife has to be thinking, "We left San Diego for this?!"

                I average 2, maybe 3, Idaho State rants a year. Coaches don't have to listen to the musings of a whacky fan, but in this case, I'm right. So Grant Leep, APU coaches, other successful D2 guys, stay far, far away from the dumpster fire known as Idaho State athletics.