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NNU over Wolves in OT thriller


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  • NNU over Wolves in OT thriller

    Great game in Nampa last night, Nighthawks beating WOU by 2 in overtime.

    WOU had a 16-point lead with 10 minutes to go. I knew if they couldn't get that to 18 or 19, they'd be in trouble as NNU really feeds off their loud crowd. Wolves had a tough time stopping Ezekial Alley, who is NNU's leading scorer, while coming off the bench.

    Wolves had their chances, some little mistakes here and there, like a player dropping a simple pass out of bounds to start the OT, two guys dribbling the ball off their feet, getting tied up for jump balls, etc. Great effort, but an opportunity that slipped away.

    * Don't like to blame refs, but not getting in the bonus after 45 minutes of play is odd.

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    Sounds like a great game. I saw a tiny bit of the first half and the announcers to the video stream were commenting on how much the refs were "letting them play" as well. Similar reffing recently at UAF too. I don't like to chalk it up to that either, because it 99.9% is not the reason for a loss, but undoubtedly can cause frustration. I think NNU is playing really well right now. They seem pretty deep at most positions. I haven't seen WOU play since early, early this year, but will likely be watching a lot of both of their games this week online.


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      Wolves 0-4 in OT games this year, ouch! Hope it doesn't go to OT vs. UAA this week because I think they're 3-1 in OT games.


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        On a good note, it seems like the Wolves are very well-coached. I like the new guy Wes Pifer, he seems excellent.

        * NNU's Paul Rush is also top notch, hopefully he and Pifer stick around.