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Excellent Jayden Bezzant story


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  • Excellent Jayden Bezzant story

    Really good article here on NNU senior guard Jayden Bezzant, came out a few weeks ago, I just saw it. He almost turned pro after his junior year in his home country of New Zealand. He opted to come back. He had some academic struggles and fought back to get eligible the last semester. Always one of my favorite GNAC players, good guy, hard worker, great shooter

    This story illustrates why I like D2 and small colleges so much. NNU stayed with him, his faculty and advisors pushed him to graduate, they never gave up on him. As a sports reporter, I covered small and D-1 sports for a long time. D-1 may have academic advising support, but their main focus is keeping the athlete eligible, not necessarily graduation. Some D-1 schools, yes, but many aren't focused on graduation. Bezzant's journey is a great one, he will leave NNU with a business degree (not an easy degree to get), and a fine collegiate basketball career behind him.