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    Pretty loaded, starting with the best D2 player in the country (IMO) in Shabazz and some quality JC and D-1 transfers. Definitely a top 4 GNAC club, probably top 2 GNAC team.

    * Northern has better insight on this team than me, but wanted to put the roster up ... yes, Sparling's kid is there, he wasn't listed earlier.
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    I've only seen 6 of these players play before; Shabazz, Banks, Sparling (not since he was in the GNAC at CWU), Huerta, Lee, and Kachjaani. Honestly don't think I'll have the most insight this year; I don't follow the recruits and behind the scenes stuff. I believe you guys when you say the team is good though, I think with as much turnover as the team continues to experience, how good they perform will depend on factors beyond the raw talent. They'll have to play well as a team together and that often takes time. I'm eager to see their schedule and the quality of the preseason, which also can be a factor in how well tested a team is when GNAC starts. Looking forward to it!


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      Looks like the UAF schedule is finally out; they have a decent handful of preseason games, including a trip to Hawaii. Also of note is that UAF women's hoops head coach and alum, Jesse Craig has hired UAF men's alum Parrish West who was a lights-out star in 2010-11. The women's team has some building to do, but it's nice when they get coaches who have demonstrated the ability and willingness to live in and enjoy Fairbanks rather than the every couple year churn of coaches...