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  • GNAC exhibition scores

    UW by 40 or so over CWU.

    D3 Linfield beats WOU 102-100.

    Oregon State hits buzzer-beater to beat St. Martin's, 83-80.

    Some thoughts ... hard to tell, but all those transfers may have elevated UW this year. I think CWU is pretty good and they whacked them.

    Very disappointed in WOU's loss, I know the first game in more than a year and lots of new players. But WOU went D2 some 20 years ago to allegedly separate themselves from D3 and NAIA schools. Then freaking play like it and have some pride in your defense, good grief, giving up 102 at home?! I know the game doesn't officially count but I expected better. Whitworth and Whitman, not Linfield, are the kingpins of the D3 NWC. Disappointing loss.

    St. Martin's led by 10 late in the 2nd half in Corvallis. OSU -- an elite 8 team last year -- needed a 3-point buzzer beater to win. Wonder if OSU fans rushed the court. OSU fans should also be disappointed. If they're going to spend so much $$$ on college sports and charge money for tickets, fans should demand more than a rough outing vs. St. Martin's.

    They can disguise these games as "exhibitions" when they're really just awful performances and efforts. If I was WOU, I'd replace that entire starting lineup until they actually decide they want to defend players.

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    UAA isn’t having much of a exhibition season, one scrimmage against Alumni players before jetting off to Hawaii for games next weekend. I know the Hawaii schools have been scrimmaging against each other so I’m going to temper my expectations for the Seawolves those opening couple games. They won’t have had the opportunity to work out the rotations and get up to speed against live competition like some of these other schools have. Hopefully the fact that this team had zero turnover in the offseason and these guys have been practicing and playing against each other for over a year now brings some continuity. Very few teams had that luxury so that is one plus for them.
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