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    Wolves lost to Corban (formerly Western Baptist), an NAIA school. When WOU left NAIA, I was wondering if it was the right move. This was a long time ago. They (admins) told me it was to "separate themselves" from the private schools and other small schools in the state. OK, then quit losing to the likes of Corban and Linfield, please, just quit doing this. I don't get this team, one thing is very inconsistent; two, they just refuse to play defense. They shot really well, but also let Corban shoot great. If a team wants to win games you can't just out-shoot people, defense must come into play eventually, doesn't it?

    Liked the conference start, non-conference has been embarrassing, they simply don't have pride in their defense and I'm afraid that will come back to bite them big time in conference play. I don't know why they don't play defense, it's a mystery. Find some guys on the roster who actually are tough and play them.

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    UAA wins a barn burner against SPU 88-83. SPU made a nice run to turn a 7 point UAA advantage into a 3 point lead with about 4 minutes to go. This is probably a game the last couple UAA teams would have lost but this team came back and hit big shots down the stretch to secure the victory. David Rowlands kept UAA rolling in the first half until Karlberg and Sweet got hot in the 2nd half. SPU is good offensively as always but honestly their defense isn’t that great. This was a game that both teams could get their shot whenever they wanted on each other. It was a matter of who knocked them down and avoided silly turnovers the best, tonight that was UAA. In couple weeks down in Seattle? We will see. But it was very encouraging that with Karlberg, Rowlands, Oggie and Sweet…this was the first season in a while that when these two teams met that I didn’t feel like UAA was outgunned by SPU.


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      CWU handles NNU rather easily in Nampa. Pretty good win as I think Northwest Nazarene has a decent club this year.

      Impressive win by Alaska Anchorage over SPU. Again, I think the league has a lot of good teams but I'm not sure if it has a great one.