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Former SPU, Point Loma coach on hot seat


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  • Former SPU, Point Loma coach on hot seat

    I've said it 100 times on this board, do not go to the ultimate coach killing school, Idaho State, in men's basketball or football. Ryan Looney, like many before him, is on the hot seat in Pocatello, a place where good coaches go to die. I questioned his sanity leaving San Diego for one of the worst towns in America, but I digress ... he's 3-11 overall, fresh off a win over last-place University of Idaho. I heard the wolves are howling, as if that will make a difference in that awful athletic dept.

    Since 1980 ISU has fired every men's basketball coach, not one left for another job. In football, they've fired all but one, including the dude this year. Just an awful athletic dept. I'm curious as to why the fans and even the university put up with it. I guess they hang their hats on one year of success in the 80's in football, a IAA title which they wouldn't come close to now; and some 1970's NCAA tourney hoop win over UCLA. Whoopee, those days are long gone.

    A highly successful men's hoop coach at Western Oregon when I was there, Jim Boutin, who averaged 25 or so wins a year for 5 or 6 years, picked up and left for Pocatello. In his first or second year he took them to the NCAA tourney. Two years later he was fired, he landed at a JC in Oregon, where he did well. Had he stayed at Western the gym would be named after him. He said he felt he had to go D1. Yeah, the lure of D1. There's D1 and then there's crap D1. ISU is crap D1.

    The school also ate up and spit out a very good football coach from CWU in Zamberlin. D2 coaches, once again some advice: Don't go near that Idaho State job!
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