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Holy Names Ending Athletics


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  • Holy Names Ending Athletics

    After the spring term, PacWest member Holy Names will be ending their athletics program.

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    It's this stupid all or nothing approach and that's unfortunately how Western Oregon sometimes looks at things. Well if we can't be division 2 we must drop sports all together. B.S.
    Holy Names could have played NAIA or division 3 and been just fine. Just guessing but I bet 75% of the division 2 teams in America aren't fully funded in every sport. Actually I bet that number is close to 90% and I bet football is really not fully funded.

    I don't have a horse in this fight all I know is Holy Names is in the Bay area somewhere but to me and it's an example of all these California schools who stretch beyond their skis in division 2 and don't look at other options. The big losers are the high school kids whose opportunities are really limited.

    * Insert proverbial quote that you can't play D2 independent, division 3, or naia. Same people also endorse getting out of D2 to go to fcs.