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Wyche (UAA) ruled out of eligibility. Appeal was denied.


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  • Wyche (UAA) ruled out of eligibility. Appeal was denied.

    D’Zhon Wyche announced on Twitter that his appeal to the NCAA for an extra semester of eligibility was denied and Jan 14th at home vs Simon Fraser would be his last collegiate game. He apparently had one semester of play at a junior college before leaving that counted against his eligibility.

    Wyche was a hometown favorite and All-GNAC preseason selection, averaged 17 pts 5 reb 5 ast per game albeit on low shooting percentages (40% from the floor, 27% from 3) He is a very fun player to watch play when he had it going, he is the definition of a player who can shoot you into a game as well as shoot you out of one.

    Moving forward I don’t think it will have the impact on the team that one might think losing a starter and high profile player. UAA has a lot of guard depth, this clears some of that up. This opens up a lot of playing time for Lachlan Viney and Caleb Larson, both of whom have played well and deserve more playing time. They also have combo/2 guards Tyson Gilbert and Dathan Satchell who can play the point if needed. Wyche got a lot of steals and got into transition a bunch that led to some easy baskets, but he also gave up a lot of baskets in the half court when the game slowed down. GNAC guards quickly learned they could get to their spot and rise up on him and get their shot off due to his smallish stature. His decision making in close games could be questionable as well.

    I feel bad for the kid that he can’t finish up the year, I know fans really showed up this season to watch him play. And again he could be incredibly entertaining to watch some games. He could put on a show.
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    This is where I lose it .., an Oregon lineman just applied for a NINTH year of eligibility, and got it! Oregon State QB Tristan Gebbia just applied for a 7th year of eligibility, and got it.

    The NCAA craps on anything not D1. I know it would never happen, but I think every non-D1 school should either join NAIA or go their own way and form a new league.

    The NCAA is nit-picking on a JC semester for a D2 hoopster, while giving D1 football players 9 years of play? Insane.


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      Great point


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        UAA announced it is determined that Wyche will not be eligible for this weekends games, against WWU and Simon Fraser, and his career is over. He will be staying on as an assistant with the program and his scholarship will be honored.