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  • Last night's games

    I went to the WOU-UAF game, ugly, the team that shot 33% won; UAF shot 42 percent. Not sure why people can't shoot anymore. UAF had a chance at the end, may have got fouled on a couple plays, refs didn't make the call. WOU wisely went more inside in the second half. Missed a lot of close ones but were more affective than jacking 3's, where they were 4 of 20. They desperately need to find some 3-point shooters for next year. One of WOU's so-called threats from 3 was 1 of 4 from deep, 1 of 5 overall. Cranston's absence is a killer, he's one of the few guys on the team who can shoot. Nevertheless, good to get a home sweep. Not sure why the Wolves aren't good this year after returning a bunch of solid players from last year. They need to do some serious recruiting in the off-season.

    Thoughts on other games? I still think St. Martin's is the team to beat even though they're in 3rd right now. They scored 100 last night vs. UAA.

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    UAA looks like they are starting to transition to playing bigger, which they need to do with Wyche being gone. Tiny ball really becomes difficult when you don’t have a guy like him pushing pace and making things happen in transition. So that’s a complete change of defense and offense mid-season. It’s going to be rough, they really didn’t play well at WOU either despite the comeback. Hopefully they can get it together by the conference tournament and see if they can make a run.