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heading into week 3.....


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  • heading into week 3.....

    the GMAC fared better last week going 5-3 in week 2 vs 3-5 in week1
    current standings do not mean much, Ashland, Findlay and Hillsdale all had a tough slate to start the year. I do love seeing LEC college at 2-0 to be honest. They might not be playing high caliber teams, but 5 years ago they would have been 0-2 against these same teams. Kuddos to this new young coach.
    Love to see the 1pt win from KWC also. I watched some of the Hillsdale-Uindy game and hopefully Daledude can provide context, but the score seemed to be closer than the actual game? QB made some nice scrambles and plays, and the final score against a top 15 team is admirable.
    The Findlay win in OT was a hard fought one against a tough NC team, i believe they were in the top 25 - unc pembroke. Tiffin did what I figured they would and rolled a weaker Northwood Team. Welcome to the GMAC timberwolves.
    i can't quite figure out ODU. I've been following them for well over 10 years, when they won the GLIAC and made it to the final four of the national tournament. What happened to our high powered offense? We have a veteran QB, 3rd best in GMAC and the best receiver in the GMAC david turner and barely mustered 300 yds of offense. I'll take the win. The D is staunch as usual, but the O is not a huge threat at this point. Going to pull it together and roll William Jewell.
    Any KWC, LEC, tiffin, or Walsh posters that can give us some verbage?

    Week 3 predictions - hoping everyone in the GMAC defeats the GLVC on the road, i've bolded my predictions, copy and paste and fill yours out as well

    ODU vs WJC ODU
    Hills vs Truman State Truman
    Findlay vs SBU Findlay
    Walsh vs Quincy Walsh
    LEC vs McKendree LEC
    Tiffin vs Indy Tiffin - game of the week, 2 top 20 seeds, on Uof I's turf, but rooting for the dragons on this one to pull out the upset on the road
    KWC vs Lindenwood Linddenwood

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    I think if you ask most people they will tell you they would rather play then have a bye week....but I'm not sure you will find anyone at AU this week that is disappointed they aren't playing a game. They need this bye week bad. I think they will take this week and rest to get ready for the long stretch for the rest of the year. Playing two top 10 teams to start the year is tough, but I think in the end they will be better for it.


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      Agree on all assessments above. Would have been nice to see Walsh pull it out against Davenport. They got to the 2 when time ran out. Thought UF would win easier against UNCP.

      first of two straight weeks against GLVC, have a chance to get some nice OOC wins.


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        Ohio Dominican over Jewell - Upper tier GMAC over lower tier GLVC
        Truman State over Hillsdale - Hillsdale could end up 0-4 to start the season. Truman with some talent.
        Findlay over Southwest Baptist - Findlay pounded by Ferris & Bap POUNDED by W Florida
        Quincy over Walsh - toss up game but it's at Quincy. Chicagoland talent against Cleveland/Akron area talent.
        McKendree over Lake Erie - Erie's fairy tale season comes to an early end. I wouldn't mind being wrong here but seems like a competent staff at McK.
        Lindenwood over Kentucky Wesleyan - Lindy gets their first win and then some. I'd like to see Wesleyan hang in there awhile get headed in the right direction.
        Tiffin over Indianapolis - Forget about McKeller's offseason mishaps, it's U Indy can't overcome losing 7 other starters they were counting on - 4 WR/TE and 3 DLs.