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    I could not be more disappointed with the lack of situational awareness in today's matchup. Some people were saying we should fire Fankhauser, but I don't believe that's the solution. He works his tail off every day to give us the opportunity to win football games, but we do need to address some issues in our performance. We looked sloppy on both sides of the ball and our play caller must have curled up and died after he sniffed defeat. WE PUNTED WITH THREE MINUTES LEFT DOWN MULTIPLE SCORES. We couldn't even try to gain the respect of the G-MAC and put up a fight against Hillsdale's steely-eyed, cigar-munching HC. I can't judge whether our players were playing hard or not but I certainly know our defensive playcalling sold the game for us. If we already know Hillsdale has the slimiest RB in the G-MAC it would have been wise to load the box a little extra. Hillsdale's pass game only worked because we were so petrified of the run. If we had given any conceptual thought to slowing down H-dale's buttery Canuck pigskin receptacle we could have kept ourselves afloat and at least put up a fight. I'm not even mad we won't win the g-mac this year or the next, I'm just outraged we can't even look like a respectable football team. Who forgot to tell our DB's holding is a penalty????!!!!!!!!!??????? We gave those liberal-arts horsemen handouts like they made it on OPRAH. Speaking of, I heard Pat Sajak owns Hillsdale College. really??? we just lost to a Mickey-Mouse-type organization????
    At the end of the day...
    I'm tired...
    I'm tired of our organization being made to look like fools on a weekly basis...
    I'm tired of being a Walsh fan...
    I'm tired of waiting for a g-mac championship dream that may never come true...
    At the end of the tunnel I see the smallest glimmer of hope but this organization needs to step up its game...
    that's enough for today...
    time to memorize Walsh Sprint Football stats ( and drink Malt Whiskey until my wife gets back from the "five nights at Freddy's" showing with the girls. Hope she gets back at a decent hour but with the way today is going I might have to wait until Monday to see her. sorry for oversharing but I got a lot on my mind.
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    WalshWarrior8700 - Believe it or not, I feel your pain. Always been a Detroit Lion's fan, which means many years of suffering since they have not won a title since 1957! Too bad that Walsh has such a ****y football team, because in basketball, volleyball and other sports, Walsh is always a tough out. Really. One of the science professors at Hillsdale received his undergrad degree from Walsh, and he says that they have not improved since he was in school there...about the time that dinosaurs roamed the area. I suspect that you don't know a whole lot about Hillsdale College. Sajak, a Vietnam veteran, does not "own" the college, but he is chairman of the board of trustees, along with a member of the Coors family. Hillsdale takes no federal money and therefore the government cannot tell the school what classes they should have, what kind of students they can admit, etc., etc., I understand your frustration over a poor Cavalier football team, but please remember this: Hillsdale may be a lot of things, but being a "Mickey-Mouse-type organization it is not. I imagine that Hillsdale's endowment dwarfs that of Walsh, which allows the school to do a lot of things unavailable to other colleges and universities. True, Hillsdale is a liberal-arts based institution, but I don't think OPRAH is on their radar screen. I did like your link to Walsh's sprint football team. I admit that I don't know a lot about sprint, except there is a weight limit. Looking forward to basketball season where Walsh will be competitive. Hope you got to see your wife!


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      2 Clowns sit at a table..


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        Originally posted by DragonBreath_328 View Post
        2 Clowns sit at a table..
        I'd rather be a clown who graduated from Walsh than a Tiffin All-American/Fortnite star. And I stand on that
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          2 Clowns sit at a table..

          And a joker in the middle!


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            I like how you think Daledude. If there’s anything this conference can agree on it’s that Tiffin‘s time is up