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NE10 Week 8 Scores


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  • NE10 Week 8 Scores

    Who will be in first place after this week?

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    Final in Springfield. AIC wins 34-12 over Franklin pierce. AIC started off ugly but the game wasn't in doubt. Much needed win.


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      Today’s first final - AIC beats Franklin Pierce 34-12.

      Stonehill up 24-13
      Bentley up 20-7
      SCSU up 17-12


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        Games at the half now.


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          Assumption wins in double OT 40-37.
          Bentley beats Pace 28-21.
          St. Anselm beats SCSU 25-24.

          Assumption is in first place by themselves, and St. Anselm is on a bit of a roll right now.


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            2 wins in a row for St. As. The assumption/Stonehill game was a good game.


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              Originally posted by yellowjacketalum View Post
              2 wins in a row for St. As. The assumption/Stonehill game was a good game.
              Can ASSUMPTION win out and maybe snag the 7th SR1 spot ?


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                Originally posted by CALUPA69 View Post

                Can ASSUMPTION win out and maybe snag the 7th SR1 spot ?
                They certainly can, but they can also lose to New Haven and then who knows who will be the league champ.


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                  It was a wild one in the Woo.
                  Both teams trade 4 TDs in the first Qrt with Stonehill up 14-13 on a missed xtra point. There wasn't a punt till midway through the second.
                  Skyhawks add a 38 yrd FG and end the half with a 99 yard drive to extend the lead to 24-13.

                  But the Hounds held the Hawks to 6 second half points, (a blocked extra point) and tie the game early in the 4th. They threw punches the rest of the 4th Qtr and went to OT.

                  Skyhawks score first on a will designed tight end delayed release where the closest defender was flipping burgers at the snack shack.
                  AC ties it with a beautiful fade to the corner.

                  Hounds three and out hit on a 34 yard FG to start the 2nd OT. Stonehill went for the kill with their first (or second) play. The pass looked like game over but was picked off on an unbelievable play by the safety, who skied and basically layed out backwards to make a fingertip grab, held on as he hit the ground to steal the win.
                  Two top teams slugged it out all day, what a game.
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                    Quite the day in the NE10.

                    Davila with 3 TDs for AIC and their win over FPU.

                    Swain-Price and Donovan with 3 TDs each but St A wins 25-24.

                    Pace looked bad for a while, rallied but the combo of Sturm and Neville were too much as Bentley wins their 2nd in a row.

                    And a double OT game in Worcester. Stonehill gave up 2 double-digit leads and still had a chance to win it in OT. Both teams left everything on the field.

                    All of the 1 PM games were competitive and could have easily gone the other way. This league is balanced right now.