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    Ok, so I mentioned to my wife that I wanted to do something that was helpful during these trying times. We decided that we were going to send $100 worth of food to our local hospital. I am soon to be a retired government employee so I still have a job-pension etc and can make it work right now. I mentioned this to a friend who became inspired and bought lunch for the local Urgent Care that has been swamped. He mentioned it to his Dad who is currently going through cancer treatments. His Dad is buying lunch for everyone at the Cancer Center.

    So, in the vain of "paying it forward" I am wondering if those of you who are willing and able, would consider doing something similar for your local comnunity? If you have already, I am sure those in the receivind end were appreciative. Trying times gentemen...

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    Kind Acts are always noticed by Him above, even small ones; we've been checking in on some older people in the neighborhood a lot more than usual with trying to see if they have supplies,food, etc. ,the basics. And I tell you what, some of these good old folks are tough as mules when trying to convince them that accepting a little help now & then is OK!!

    We are ALL in this together, whether you are helping or hindering.