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WSSU Has Good Foundation But.......!!!!


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  • WSSU Has Good Foundation But.......!!!!

    WSSU has a football team in search of an identity. There is talent there and I hope the athletic director will hire good coaching to cultivate that talent. Also, I hope that those good coaches can keep and recruit more talented players. After watching the Catawba game on Saturday I am hopeful at the potential WSSU has. I do have some observations to share.
    Quarterback-Cameron Lewis gives WSSU a better chance to win between he and Graves.
    Running Back-It was hard to really determine the potential of either but Cameron Davis and Andrew Hayes manage to show a snapshot of what lies ahead. Hayes reminds me of Christian McCafferty of the Panthers. At this point rotate more to see what they are made of.
    O-Line-Conditioning is paramount. Seems like they were sucking buttermilk by the second quarter. Also, their blocking scheme looked confusing which may have been affected from fatigue. Rotation was good but again conditioning a factor.
    Receivers-Highlight of the offense. Hard to believe Antiaun Collins #85, is a Freshman. Alphonzo Williams #86 has good size for a wide out but he need more confidence. I do not think Anthony Berry played or did he?
    D-Line-Well done both in play and rotation. Despite playing most of the night you kept the pressure on Catawba's offense.
    LB-Pass coverage need improving. More rally to the ball.
    Secondary-Inconsistent on occasion. More rally to the ball on run support. #4 Deontae Jones as rover is good match.
    Special teams- WE HAVE A KICKING GAME YALL!!
    Overall I am sure we will have a winning record!(If they play to potential).

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    I forgot to put my observations on coaching. Pretty much every opponent of WSSU is going to crowd the box and prepare for the run. I did not see much off tackle, no reverse, no motion, and screens. That's right the 77 yard interception was a failed screen by Graves. I am sure as the season moves on the coaching will improve. Also, more use of running backs, they have to learn before conference play or injury. Lastly, statistically Catawba and WSSU were close. I know it's the score that count!! Got it!!


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      I thought WR Whetstone played pretty well too. I didnt see alot of dropped passes in this game.

      There's alot of newbies on this team, thats for sure.

      My understanding is that Cabrera or Berry did not play in week 1, but should be playing this week.


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        Yes we finally have a kicker!!!!!!!!! I honestly can't remember the last time we hit two FGs in a game.

        Lewis is the guy, no questions asked. He actually looked decent at scrambling to buy himself more time.

        I like our front 7 on D, but they need to work on tackling. They were having a tough time bringing down the Cat U RB on the first hit. That should get better as the season goes on. To note though, #93 is a mountain in the middle of that d line which will make it hard for teams to run up the middle. Also, #5 can be a star for us at DE. He's a little thin but he's quick and one play he ran down one of the Cat U WRs. You can see why he was recurited to App State.

        I have no expectations for us to win Saturday; however, I think it is possible for us to win all of our conference games and make it the CIAA championship.


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          LegalRam and gr8ness97, I appreciate the inputs and agree. I would like to see more observations from the "people in the know" like it was a few years back. There were daily observations and opinions expressed and I learned a lot about this game from people like you two. Heck we had people from other conferences and regions on here talking. Thanks again, men!! Go Rams!!