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Question for fans of teams other than the Harding Bison fans


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  • Question for fans of teams other than the Harding Bison fans

    While waiting in line to enter the D2 National Championship game last month, I saw a couple walking down the line. I stepped out of line to shake the hand of the gentleman who was wearing a purple Ouachita Baptist shirt, saying how nice to see someone from another GAC school come to the game. He said he wanted to show support to our school and conference.

    This got me to wondering if other non Harding fans attended the game in McKinney. I know coaches from our schools are supportive of each other and there is a relationship within the coaching field so might they attend the game to show support? Coaching staff of the he US Naval Academy and Harding have worked together in the past and I would think some GAC coaches have good relationships within other coaching staffs within the game. Maybe a GAC (or other conference) coach went to the game to support the Harding Bisons.

    I am sure there were fans from Searcy who went to the game to support their local of university football team but who have a first priority of support for other teams in the GAC. Maybe that Ouachita fan was a Searcy resident?

    So this made me decide to ask about you and whether you attended. Or you might know of someone else, maybe even a GAC coach who might have attended.

    1. Did you attend the D2 Champtionship game last month?

    2. If you did not attend, do you know of someone who attended who is NOT a regular supporter of HU football (supports other GAC or other conference teams).

    3. Are you a fan of a D2 team in the Great America Conference (GAC)? If yes, which team?

    4. If not a fan of a D2 team in the GAC, which team do you support?

    6. Did you attend the game because it was a GAC team who was playing in the game and you wanted to show support?

    . Any other thoughts or comments?

    Just wanted to get a little bit of discussion going here in the off season!

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    I've attended the last 3 Championship Games in McKinney because I live just down the road. I really enjoy it. I can say of the 3 I attended Harding had the best crowd. It was a great atmosphere this year.


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      There is an NSU fan who always goes to the NC game in McKinney. I think he lives in the area.


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        I have never been to a NC game. Couldn't afford it in the 90s, my grandpa died in 04, and I went straight from work to the funeral. My Aunt died in 2011 and I was at her funeral.

        I'm a Pitt fan, but their last 2 NC years have been rough for me.

        I want them to go again, but am a little gunshy after the last 2.