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    Re: 2019 Donor List

    Thanks to the following friends who help keep this place going. As always, your gifts are incredibly appreciated and an ever increasing part of online existence.

    Oracle - RMAC
    Redready - GAC (again)
    walnut100 - GAC
    Fan_the_Flame - GSC (again)
    TheBraveWolf - GSC
    libertybearcat - MIAA
    alumnifan - GMAC
    CatFan88 - MIAA
    Braves86 - GSC
    stubitner's brother - MIAA - In memory of of our greatest posters.
    Craig became our first monthly donor!
    Unnamed from a friend.

    Everyone’s support in 2018 made the difference in the survival of the site and many of you have already helped us out in 2019. In a changing online world, user support of sites is becoming a greater part of the puzzle in keeping independent sites in business and I thank you all for being at the forefront of that.

    All of your generosity is also helping make a better experience for everyone.

    I wanted you all to know first that we are very close to being done with the new site. will have a face lift along with improved functionality. Many of the features will be things that you all suggested. We are not breaking any barriers but we are bringing the site more in line with today's expectations. The site will automatically adjust to your device. You can sort scores by various different methods, etc.

    We have columnists for all but two conferences so far. It's possible we will get the other two. We have also added an individual that will be providing some great content that will be entertaining and good message board fodder.

    On that note, I have also bought a new board (so I have two licenses) and will be installing one under the umbrella. The basketball and off-topic sections will remain here. It's mostly a business decision and makes things a little more difficult to moderate, but it was necessary.

    Please remember to spread the word about this message board. Would obviously love to have new members sign up.



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      Re: 2019 Donor List

      I also wanted to mention...

      If you have helped us out financially and haven't had your username updated on here please reply to this thread or send me a personal message. There is no easy way to keep track. It's pencil and paper, so mistakes can be made.


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        dvaara I feel like I've known you forever now. Thanks for the support.

        If you can, please think about supporting us.