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  • U Indy 2020

    Anybody know when the U Indy spring game is?

    2020 Offense gonna be okay. OL more experienced now. WRs good. RBs good good. QB wait and see. H-back okay but TE is the big question to me.

    Defense got some talent in the back but young. Front four are there but depth is the question. Outside LBs good but inside is unproven.

    Special teams are okay. KO team gets at it. Punt and kick return guys may be the best duo in D2. Watch teams go for it on fourth down just to keep it away from Daveon. Please get the ball into Toriano's hands on KO.

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    Matio is a good KO returner when it’s kicked to him. They have a couple young burners in Peterson (state finalist in the hurdles and Jenkins state finalist in the 100) that could be interesting back there next year. No clue when the spring game is I would probably guess the 2nd or 3rd week in April?


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      Received a message with the 2020 schedule: U Indy Spring Game is Saturday the 18th at 3:30.

      Would like to make it to see how they are developing the younger guys. Offense is getting some experience if QB works out okay this year. They also need to come up with a couple TEs. But a concern is this is the youngest the U Indy D will be in the last 20 or so years!? So I'm hoping they pick up a DL or ILB that is experienced and ready to play right away.

      Looks like their LBs with experience are quick undersized guys. And they are thin on the DL. Need 8-9 strong contributers there. With this personnel I'd play a 3-4 or even 3-5! They have 4 or so good ILBs that could play in a 3-5 and could fill gap assignments well. Opponents wouldn't have experience with that. Or I wouldn't be surprised if they play a 3 man front and line up an ILB on the DL to spy like they did a couple years ago. Ashland better be ready for something like that. A plus of being undersized at LB is they should be able to cover the short passing game better.


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        U Indy does a very good job with coach retention but they lost a good one to Western this week. It's the same assistant coach that recruited Chicago this year better than they've ever recruited Chicago before. That recruiting impact will be hard to replace. Remember they lost an OL coach to Grand Valley five years or so ago then he took D1 job right away.

        The U Indy recruiting class from Chicago had a few D1 offers. More impressive is how fast they look on video. Mainly DBs with great closing speed and guys with the speed to recover as well as come up fast for run support.


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          A lot of good info from the University on U Indy football last week.
          Here's a recap:
          1) OL is solidifying. McHale back at center is great news.
          2) Stadium improvements in the near future include club seating in the north endzone.
          3) Two teams dropped us from the schedule and still looking for another home game.
          4) Strength should be running game and DL is gonna take some work.
          5) NIne seniors are back that started games and will contribute on the offense.

          Here's my take:
          -With McHale back at center adds a lot of leadership and instant depth. Great for him and the team. Another year of football is the adult life dream of so many old heads!

          -Elevated club seating was needed. Hope they do it right with indoor/outdoor booths. Endzone support buildings close off stadiums nicely.

          -Gonna hurt not playing Ashland. First year in a while that U Indy does't have an upper tier GLIAC game. Last year U Indy beats Ashland at Ashland then Ashland beats Grand Valley at Grand Valley. GLIAC finished 1st place Ferris, 2nd place Wayne, 3rd place Ashland, 4th place Grand Valley. Out of conference in region match ups are what teams want.

          -Swan songs for Bell and McKeller this year. Although McClinton may be more dangerous?! The third RB in the rotation is gonna be the one to watch as far as a meter on U Indy's ability to replenish the backfield. Think Bell will get more screens and hand offs with the new coach in the mix as well as more balls to the Idaho HBack and whoever shows up at true TE. OL is set and so deep I'd move Hadley to DL. Really hoping a DL transfer or two came knocking at their door because I don't think they actively look for one. DL is where they need to work their tail end off.

          -OL with 4 seniors counting the H-back. Can't stop smiling about McHale. A QB Stancombe with a ton of experience and the OL and receivers to make things comfortable for him. I'm gonna hype up the receivers cuz they couldn't be better. Bell in open field is like ducks on a unstoppable junebug. Topper's size, strength and great body control is the complete package. Better than Reece Horn according to my U Indy buddies. And Matio ability to get open is as good as I've seen. He doesn't just get open, he gets 5 feet open. Part of that was Coach Gillin but part of that is a savy kid with some skill and an aptitude for football.


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            Who else dropped you besides Ashland?


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              Originally posted by UFOILERFAN View Post
              Who else dropped you besides Ashland?
              Nov 14 at Lake Erie.


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                Does that put Indy at 8 games then for this fall? It looks like they had a scheduled week off on Sept. 19 prior to the pandemic.


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                  They have 9 confirmed with the addition of Kentucky Wesleyan (for Lake Erie) I think they have another replacement for Sept 3rd . Waiting on that to be released. They have had 10 games the last few years, they have had a hard time finding someone to play that 11th game the past few years