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  • U Indy 2020

    Anybody know when the U Indy spring game is?

    2020 Offense gonna be okay. OL more experienced now. WRs good. RBs good good. QB wait and see. H-back okay but TE is the big question to me.

    Defense got some talent in the back but young. Front four are there but depth is the question. Outside LBs good but inside is unproven.

    Special teams are okay. KO team gets at it. Punt and kick return guys may be the best duo in D2. Watch teams go for it on fourth down just to keep it away from Daveon. Please get the ball into Toriano's hands on KO.

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    Matio is a good KO returner when it’s kicked to him. They have a couple young burners in Peterson (state finalist in the hurdles and Jenkins state finalist in the 100) that could be interesting back there next year. No clue when the spring game is I would probably guess the 2nd or 3rd week in April?


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      Received a message with the 2020 schedule: U Indy Spring Game is Saturday the 18th at 3:30.

      Would like to make it to see how they are developing the younger guys. Offense is getting some experience if QB works out okay this year. They also need to come up with a couple TEs. But a concern is this is the youngest the U Indy D will be in the last 20 or so years!? So I'm hoping they pick up a DL or ILB that is experienced and ready to play right away.

      Looks like their LBs with experience are quick undersized guys. And they are thin on the DL. Need 8-9 strong contributers there. With this personnel I'd play a 3-4 or even 3-5! They have 4 or so good ILBs that could play in a 3-5 and could fill gap assignments well. Opponents wouldn't have experience with that. Or I wouldn't be surprised if they play a 3 man front and line up an ILB on the DL to spy like they did a couple years ago. Ashland better be ready for something like that. A plus of being undersized at LB is they should be able to cover the short passing game better.