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What is WT's new stadium like


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    Im looking forward to going to Canyon for the commerce game. Probably gonna buy seats in section 204, 205, 211, or 212.


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      Several things about the new stadium.

      -Parking is a non-issue. I have parked in several different areas now including the FUBC none of them have take me more than 15 minutes to walk to the stadium. In fact I would even go as far to say it is better than Kimbrough. I am not worrying about twisting my ankle and am instead walking on concrete sidewalks.
      -I have not personally been able to go tailgating but my close friend who has seasons tickets at TTU (he is an alum of both schools) has said the tailgate experience is phenomenal and rivals anything he has been to at Tech.
      -Concessions are better than Kimbrough but could still use improvement. My experience with the concessions has been up and down. While there is a much better selection (Sharky's and Pizza hut) I have found the lines to be extremely long. Most of the time the lines move pretty quickly unless you are getting Sharky's which seems to take forever. They are still run by students athletes.
      -Event Staff- night and day different. At Kimbrough you would only find a few students doing the gate the new stadium there is even staff everywhere. I have witnessed them help elderly people to their seats as well as keeping security and even helping people connect to the new wifi.
      -Sound- again no comparison. The audio is loud and clear with bass in the speakers.
      -Lighting - again no comparison. From the Ribbon lights, field lighting to the HD Video board this is on another level from any D2 stadium i have been to.
      Fans- Disappointed that WT hasn't been able to pack the stadium. Still feel the grass berm should be closed until overflow seating is needed. Fans still don't know how to be loud when needed. You can sell out and have a billion fans there but if they don't make any noise it's almost pointless. On another note I have seen student engagement go way up. Not only are the students showing up but they are getting into the game. It has definitely become an event for them.
      -last but not least is the showing on the field. WT has not played a consistent 4 quarters all season. Yes WT has won the games that they are in but the offense performs in spurts and the defense gets worn out. Sometimes both sides of the ball look like world beaters... then the next half of football they look like garbage. I don't think anyone will truly understand how good WT is until they can put together a solid 4 quarters.

      Overall the game day experience is much improved. It definitely has a big stadium feel in a small package. I have taken some friends with me to games one is a TT grad another has Baylor season tickets and they have both said that the gameday experience is awesome and is a massive improvement from what they saw at Kimbrough and I would have to agree. It's not Cowboys stadium but it doesn't have to be. It just has to be good enough for the fans of WT .... and compared to where we came from this is a major upgrade.
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        Forgot to mention the don't have to piss on the wall anymore


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          Great thoughts. Thanks everyone