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OT: Thank you / new Tarleton board


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  • OT: Thank you / new Tarleton board

    First and Foremost, I want to thank Brandon and the mods for providing us with a place to talk D2 football over the years. I first found this place shortly after leaving Tarleton and I did not have an outlet to discuss Texan or D2 sports at all. Over the years, I have enjoyed the banter, learned more about D2 than I thought possible , and had an opportunity meet some of the posters on this board.

    I know that it is only December, and we are not leaving yet, but Tarleton will soon need a new board to keep the discussion alive. The WAC has a community on the CSN boards ( I want to invite anyone looking to continue talking Texans to make the jump when the time is right for them. I spoke with the Mods and we were also able to setup a

    Tarleton specific subforum (

    I will continue to sh!tpost here from time, but I thought I would bring this to everyone's attention before our posters fade away
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    Shut up and get outta here! ;)

    Take it easy brother, I'll see you at a Polyphonic Spree show sometime soon I'm sure. You know where to find me.