Lady Buffs had an open scrimmage this morning. Probably 300 people in attendance. The LSC better be ready. Blitzkrieg/shock 'n awe is coming at them.

This team has a chance to be REALLY special. The talent is deep. Seamless. We watched 7 go against 7. 2 girls were out with injuries or it would have been 8 on each team. I'd say Coach Prock can go 14 deep. Realistically, I'd expect to see us go 12 deep once the team gets into its rhythm. Seriously, 12 deep. 8 guards 4 posts. Expect a fast tempo, lots of shots put up, flurries of 3's, and lots of full-court pressing and trapping. This team will remind many of last year's Glenville national champs. They will play fast, hit the 3, push the ball up the floor, and cause havoc by pressing. Personally, I expect them to average 80+ game and keep the D at 65 or less. The depth will keep fresh legs on the floor. Everyone always says this at the beginning of each new season. I've been guilty myself. It usually turns out to be the usual 8 or 9 person rotation. This year I WILL NOT eat my words!

Starters Zam Roberts, Carly Motsenbacher, Jalyla Burgess, and Lauren Taylor return, Would-have-been-a-starter-last-year-before-injury, Sienna Lenz, is back and looking great. Brayln Dollar returns to the team. She's dynamic. Add in the best shooter on the team, Asia Hiemur as a returner as well. As far as newcomers, I absolutely luv them. 3 freshmen guards are ready for prime time. Scoring machines. Fearless. If they don't drill the open shot, they'll create one. We have 2 freshmen posts, Boyd and Johnson, who because of the depth as their position, will probably see limited play this year (RS prospects in my roster opinion - also a 4th freshman guard, McBroom, who might benefit from an RS because of our depth). The 6'4/5 girl from NW Naz can post up and score hit the mid-ranger, as well as step out and hit the occasional 3. She's a BIG girl that can run the floor. The 6'2 girl from ENMU would start at most LSC schools. She plays great D and finishes on the block.

The team head's for exhibition games against U of AZ and U of NM next Thur and Sat. I hope to get my son to drive us to Albuquerque for the UNM game.