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    Hillsdale 73
    UMSL 63




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      Originally posted by Inkblot View Post
      Keep in mind that UMSL and Walsh played in the regular season and UMSL won by four.
      Right, but all that means is they lost to them twice.

      The regional should've been at Hillsdale or UMSL...and probably UMSL since they won their conference tournament and Hillsdale didn't make it to the final in theirs. Walsh played an extremely weak out of conference schedule. The only good team they played out of conference, they lost to (UMSL). Their other out of conference games were:

      Palm Beach Atlantic (7-20)
      Maryville (12-17)
      Carnegie Mellon (11-13, DIII, lost that game but doesn't count)
      Roberts Wesleyan (12-13)
      Franciscan (10-16, DIII, doesn't count)

      SBU should've made the tournament. 21-6 with wins over Truman, UMSL, and USI. They got a bad draw in the first round of the GLVC - Jewell was no slouch this year. They had wins over 2 other NCAA tournament teams (Washburn and UMSL) and USI. The GLVC was strong through the middle of the conference this year and that hurt the league come NCAA tournament time because everyone beat up on each other. It's much more advantageous to be in a league with 3 or 4 good teams and then a drop-off.


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        Well the GLVC champ lost to a G-MAC team that didn't even win the conference so...

        It will be an endless debate until every team plays every other team in the region, which will happen exactly never as we all know. Regardless of which conference you think is best top to bottom I think we can all probably agree that there's not a clear-cut obvious answer anymore. The GLVC with Bellarmine, a strong KWC, a strong USI, a strong Drury, and all the others that even if they had down years mixed in were strong more often than not was clearly head and shoulders above the GLIAC and the early G-MAC. That's just not the case anymore what with the teams that have left and the others that are no longer as powerful as they once were in the GLVC - and with the stronger teams that have been added to the now more mature G-MAC. I guess parity is a good thing, though it makes for more arguments amongst fans. Well...maybe...there were arguments before, but they were hardly rational in nature then :D


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          Whomever seeded the Elite 8 is 0-2 so far...


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            I realize you had to have Nova SE at #1 because they were undefeated. But seriously...NW Mo at #5 was ridiculous if you have any D2 basketball awareness at all. And Black Hills State certainly didn't play like an 8 seed just now.