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    Originally posted by SGAstumpJ View Post

    I won't disagree. APU was lucky to have their one hiccup way back in December. Point Loma seems to have righted the ship, but now Concordia has fallen to pieces. They lost at home to Dominican, and then lost tonight at Biola. Now their senior night game on ESPN3 against Azusa, which looked earlier in the year like it could be for the conference title, is a must win for Concordia just to tie for third. If they lose, they fall behind a Chaminade team they swept.

    Meanwhile, who knows what to make of the battle for 2nd in the CCAA? San Bernardino swept Pomona (both in OT), Pomona swept Chico, Chico won at San Bernardino in their only meeting, and handed UCSD their only loss, but I have no idea who gets the 2 if they all win Saturday.
    The chaos is real in the GNAC last night too. WWU got upset on their final conference game by MSUB... NNU was throttling SPU for a LONG time until SPU righted the ship at the 11th hour (seriously, SPU was down by better than 20 at half...). WOU hung on for dear life with UAA. Not sure if WWU's loss and NNU's near upset will be enough to flip flop their standings next week, but neither team can really breath easily as the way things are going this year, one conference is probably going to yield a tournament with an upset winner to knock out a lower ranked regional bound team... The GNAC standings... if all goes as planned on Saturday will go like this SPU, WWU, NNU, WOU, UAA, UAF... But, I think we all know by now that things might not go as the paperwork says they will on Saturday. Although I do think WWU has the first round bye locked up because even if NNU and WOU tie in the standings with them, they have that elusive win over SPU to separate them. Phew.