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  • Possible non-conference opponents

    The GNAC has given clearance for teams to play non-conference teams during the hoop season. I would hope our neighbors in different leagues would help out. For the teams opting out of GNAC conference play ...

    UAA is in a tough spot, perhaps they could play UAF twice, not sure doing that would be allowed. Are there some JC's nearby that would play. Seriously, at this stage of the game who cares about alphabet soup -- D1/D2/D3/JC? UAA should have not only the JC option, but playing semi-pro teams (if there are some) in Anchorage and any other teams that want to play them in Anchorage.

    CWU should have the option of playing Yakima, Big Bend, and Columbia Basin junior colleges in the Central Washington region; they should be able to play EWU and WSU; as well as any JC's, D3's, or NAIA's in-state.

    WWU can hopefully line up games with Whatcom CC, a JC I think is in the Mount Vernon area, Everett and Bellevue JC's, and any D3's and NAIA's around.

    There are a number of Canadian colleges in SFU's region, I would hope they could play any or all of them.

    MSU-Billings has an NAIA league in their region and some JC's, I believe, that are within the usual long Montana driving distance.

    WOU is in the heart of the Willamette Valley, full of JC's, D3's, and NAIA's, and hopefully have the ability to play these teams.

    The only snafu I see is the D3/Northwest Conference teams, who get incredibly hung up on state vs. public institutions -- they broke up the Columbia Football Association because of this. Does this year really matter? Few, if any people are keeping score or standings. Who cares if a private school plays a public or a JC plays a 4-year? It's time for people and institutions to get over themselves and play some college hoop games for the players' sakes.

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    I don't think they will be playing JCs. But there are numerous NAIA and D3 to play. We should see some games scheduled against them. I hope WWU and CWU still play a game or two!


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      I think if it was up to the sports department, UAA would be finding games. However with exploding cases up here the chancellor of UAA has things very locked down and I don’t see her letting up. I think they have resigned themselves to a year of practices and scrimmages within the program.

      Rusty was on a local radio show the other week and said they have very little money in the budget to recruit for next season. All their budget is tied up in current players. He said that this is just a big redshirt year for the entire team that will be heavily focused on skill development.

      Maybe that will be a huge advantage going into 2021? Lots of time to get used to one another and an unusual amount of time invested in skill development. Guess we will find out.


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        I don't think Western Oregon's going to get any games in even non-conference. The state of Oregon governor won't let Portland and Portland State practice. I'm not sure why even after a newspaper columnist called her out on it. She is letting Oregon and Oregon State practice, which shows that those two institutions run the state.

        Like most states in America, they don't believe anything under power five or flagship universities exist, despite that most of these large institutions are one of the major problems of the virus spreading across our country. They are incredibly irresponsible in managing it. In Pullman, Washington, it's just exploding, causing their latest football game to be canceled. Also in Pullman, a few bars had going away closing parties because they knew they were going to be shut down and last week hundreds of students went out without masks and further infected the community. I know those things aren't happening in small college towns. But small colleges are always punished for not being a big boy or being stupid and drunk.

        So I would agree with the Alaska Anchorage coach that this is just one big redshirt year.


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          Originally posted by CWU Wildcat Nation View Post
          I don't think they will be playing JCs. But there are numerous NAIA and D3 to play. We should see some games scheduled against them. I hope WWU and CWU still play a game or two!
          I agree with on all counts.
          Go Battlers!


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            Originally posted by crixus View Post

            I agree with on all counts.
            Yeah, but it's probably not going to happen. The private schools don't like to play the public schools even in a pandemic and they will probably play each other if they play at all and not travel over the mountains to Ellensburg. Western Washington University has a very anti-sports culture at that school and this is probably their opening to cut all sports and a lot of people there would like it I don't see them doing anything during the pandemic unless they have an ultimate frisbee team or a hacky sack team, then they're all good.

            The four teams that are playing? Good luck with that. Idaho just moved back a stage Washington and Oregon are closing up shop. They're living in delusion land.


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              Oregon State University has lined up Northwest University of the Puget Sound area, I believe an NAIA school. Why don't they play Western Oregon, who is 20 miles up the road? Oh yeah, it didn't go that well for the Beavers the last time they played. The Wolves won..