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  • CALUPA69
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    SR1 FB....'22

    Three months down the road the relative strengths and weaknesses of the four leagues and 45 teams will be clear but this Inter-conference weekend has already offered some pretty clear indicators.
    GMAC PS#3 ASHLAND started/ended fast beating MEC PS#1 NDC 31-14 and the EAGLES are ranked behind FINDLEY and TIFFIN so this could be the year GMAC gets more than 1 in the post season.
    MEC had a not great opening night with 3 of the top 6 PS ranked teams ( #1NDC, #3CHAS, #6 FSU) going down and not looking competitive, but to be fair only the CHAS loss was any sort of surprise.
    PSAC top teams (E#1SHEP, E#3WCU, W#3CAL, W#4GU) all won and the bottom (E#5ESU, E#7MILL, W#6SHU, W#8CLAR) all lost which was not surprising except for ESU.
    NE10 showed some strength with PS#3 BENT putting up a strong showing @WCU and PS#4 PACE stomping ESU though this could be the once a decade competitive PACE team so that result may not be surprising.
    Time will tell.