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    Originally posted by iupgroundhog View Post

    Good post. For the most part, it accurately reflects what we've seen so far. I still think ESU is ahead of Shep at this point of the season. A lot can change before they go head-to-head late in the season. Shep appears to be improving rapidly but if the ESU-Shep game was next Saturday I would pick ESU.
    I can't disagree with that. I'd actually have ESU ahead of them as well, I should have reflected that above. Guess I was trying to take the preseason poll and marry up who we thought was going to be there first. ESU has the best win of the season and looks like a likely playoff team at this point. Will be interesting to see if they can keep it up.


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      Based on what I've seen, I definitely think this ESU team is playoff caliber. Not a regional title contender or anything, but I think we can take a game in the playoffs, two if we're lucky.

      My guess is that one team from the East makes it. I have a hunch that nobody runs the East table this year; there are 5 teams that look like they can punish anyone for having a bad day (Shep, ESU, Kutz, WCU, Ville) and that's a lot of landmines to avoid. Shepherd and ESU obviously have the most margin for error at 3-0, and the Cal and IUP wins should both be good wins come playoff time, but 2 losses and you leave things up to chance.

      For ESU, the stretch starting 9/30 will be key. @Kutz / vs. Ville / @WCU. 3-0 and the playoffs are within sight. 2-1 and the path is still there, but a loss in the Shepherd game likely means a meeting with Cal in Week 11, who is a tricky opponent to have for a must-win game. 1-2 and we have to run the table.

      Regardless, the divisional season should be a lot of fun in this half of the state. The competition is good for everyone involved. Whoever gets the State Game will really be battle-tested come playoff time.


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        Re-visit this thread in another three weeks. It's amazing how things change in such a short period.

        Nobody makes the playoffs in mid-September. Lot of **** happens week to week.

        Regardless of the spin machine nonsense coming out of Indiana, I without question think Tort's timeout debacle will eventually cost them a playoff spot.

        The PSAC East is going to cannibalize each other in my opinion.


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          Originally posted by IUPbigINDIANS View Post
          From the Tribune-Review:

          "I don't think anybody in the PSAC can stop me."

          “I feel like this is going to be the year,” Bails said. “Especially because people just know the history of Seton Hill and us not being a great program. But I feel like it’s going to be a big turnaround. We’re going to shock the PSAC for sure.”

          -- Seton Hill WR Mark Bails
          He was very good, but he wasn't John Siggins good or even Evan Roche good on Saturday...


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            Originally posted by WarriorVoice View Post

            He was very good, but he wasn't John Siggins good or even Evan Roche good on Saturday...
            Who? Well, whoever he is the PSAC is not shocked that they’re 1-2 at this point and about to be 1-3.