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  • Dominoes

    Florida Tech, a playoff team drops football. The economic impact of the over-reaction to COVID-19 is crippling the country's economy. Small private schools are going to suffer the most, some will drop athletics, some will close. Will the dominoes fall into the CIAA? I know of two CIAA institutions who were experiencing cutbacks before this mess started. Football is a money loser, not a money maker for both of them. Is the writing on the wall? The CIAA needs to rally around all of it's members, not just the big moneyed state schools. HBCU strength is in HBCU unity. Circle the wagons, hold fast the line!

  • #2
    I hope I'm wrong, but I have my doubts about St Augs surviving more than 4 more months. Even with the influx of HBCU federal support, it appears as though their debt is adding up a lot faster than dollars rolling in. Who knows, if they end up shutting down, afterwards we may end up seeing the state stepping in,and transforming the facilities into NC State University - St Augustine Campus. They have the money, and they need more space. At least that way the name will be preserved.

    I wish them a lot of luck.