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Will VSU attempt the transition?


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  • Will VSU attempt the transition?

    The HBCU Gameday article outlines the realities of transitioning to D1. It is a real good read...

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    It's a very good read and eye opening. If anybody questions why VA State should stay D2 then they just need to read this.


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      Great article and the answer to the question is NO! Definitely gives new meaning to the phrase CIAA for life!


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        Originally posted by LegalRam View Post
        It's a very good read and eye-opening. If anybody questions why VA State should stay D2 then they just need to read this.
        Absolutely, LegalRam/VSU Trojan! As the saying goes, follow the money! The nuances that have to be navigated mean you have to have a solid transition plan, and a lot of political cooperation from state and local entities, especially when you are a state-supported school. The Norfolk State comparisons really made it eye-opening, in my opinion! A million-seven just to reclassify... sheesh! That means it costs that much just to "begin" the process, let alone any additional exit fees that might be imposed by the conference! Wow

        I remember when Hampton University petitioned to leave the MEAC a few years ago, and how messy and contentious that relationship got. The conference Presidents increased the exit fee for member schools substantially as a deterrent. Didn't work, because A&T, Bethune Cookman, and FAMU all still left! Different circumstances, but I say that to highlight all the potential "costs" associated with a divisional or conference realignment. At Winston, I think we certainly learned an embarrassing yet valuable lesson during our failed attempt to transition to D1! In the immortal words of the OJays... Money, Money, Monnnnnney!
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          Yes, the cost of stepping up can be steep which drives away many marginal schools. But once through the initial costs/fees/probation period, D1's become eligible for quite a few NCAA D1 Revenue Distribution pools of $'s. In 2020, the D1 Revenue Distribution plan distributed just short of $600 MILLION to D1 member schools and conferences. For comparison, 2020 NCAA DII Revenue Distribution was a little over $7 MILLION to member schools and conferences.