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2023 Way Too Early Preseason Picks


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  • 2023 Way Too Early Preseason Picks

    For argument’s sake my guesstimates for 2023 now that Chowan is on the GSC schedule. West Florida is the only team that has posted a full schedule and this guesstimate based on that and the posted GSC schedule.

    North Greenville has three road games in a row vs Chowan, Delta and West Georgia that is brutal and the only GSC team with such a road triple. Valdosta finishes season at WF, at WA and WG at home for Peach Basket. West Ala. has toughest teams at home with only WG and Chowan on road. West Georgia has balanced schedule of hard games evenly split between at home and on road and no more than two in a row. Delta has toughest road schedule and West Florida has tough middle of season back to back at WA, at Delta and then Valdosta at home. Will be interesting to see how the rest of GSC teams fill out their OOC schedules.

    The 2023 season schedule is light year’s ahead of the travesty of the 2022 double up nonsensical schedule and I am much more interested and excited about the 2023 season for that reason alone.

    The records below are for 2022 season and conference record.

    1. Delta State 11-2 (6-1)
    2. West Florida 12-2 (6-1)
    3. West Georgia 8-2 (5-2)
    4. Valdosta State 5-6 (2-5)
    5. West Alabama 5-6 (3-4)
    6. Chowan 7-4 (7-1)
    7. Miss. College 4-7 (3-4)
    8. North Greenville 3-8 (2-5)
    9. Shorter 3-8 (1-6)

    Based on GSC schedules I could see Delta dropping a bit and West Georgia rising a bit since West Georgia has a better balanced schedule and Delta has the toughest road schedule. Also could see Valdosta and West Ala. swap spots based on schedules too. Chowan is definitely a wild card in terms of how last year’s record in CIAA translates to full GSC schedule.
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