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GAC Pick'em Week 11 (Final)


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  • GAC Pick'em Week 11 (Final)

    Well here we are. Last week of the season, as well as rivalry week. I wish all your teams success, even though I will definitely be rooting for SEOSU to find a way into the playoffs lol.
    We have a tight race in the final pick'em standings as well, with Gliac_fan10 atop the standings, leading CodeBlack by 5 points. ONCEATIGER25 also has a shot at winning this year if he has a good week.

    On to the picks. Good luck!

    Games 11/13:

    HSU @ OBU - 1pm

    ECU @ SEOSU - 2pm

    UAM @ SAU - 2pm

    HU @ ATU - 2pm

    OKBU @ SNU - 2pm

    SWOSU @ NWOSU - 3pm

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    HSU by 7 - I think it will be a close game, but I think Henderson has what it takes to beat OBU this year. SEOSU let their foot off the gas and just tried to run the game out, or it could have been a lot uglier. OBU will have to find a way to start hot, or they will be playing from behind all game.

    SEOSU by 11 - This is always a good game, but I think SEOSU will get it done late. They have everything to play for, and it's gonna be an electric atmosphere in Durant. The Tigers are a good team as well, and want nothing more than to play spoiler to SE. This is the game I'm looking forward to the most. I think that SEOSU is much more talented on offense, and that's what makes the difference in this one.

    SAU by 7 - I've said it all year, UAM is not a good football team. They are just a one man show on offense, and their defense is just above average. Their 4 wins have all been against the cupcakes of the conference. SAU has struggled mightily this year as well, with their 4 wins being against those same 4 cupcakes lol. SAU has shown a lot more talent than UAM has this year, and hopefully they get up for this one and salvage a tough season. I don't like seeing SAU football down, and I have a weird hatred for UAM, so I'll go with SAU in this one.

    HU by 42 - Not much to say about this one. It will look like every other Harding game. I didn't watch the HU-SWOSU game last week as promised, but I assume it will look a lot like that one.

    OKBU by 28 - SNU plays a lot tougher at home, but it won't be enough against the talented OKBU team. I'm sure it's been a frustrating year for OKBU fans, as they have just missed out on a great season. If the ball rolls a different way this year, OKBU could easily be the team sitting at 9-1 and looking at a playoff birth. Sadly it was not to be. It will be interesting to see how they respond to losing their offensive core next year.

    SWOSU by 7 - Oh boy. I told myself I wouldn't pick SWOSU again. But jeez, this is such a dumpster fire of a game. I know that the SWOSU coaching staff is gone no matter what, and I would assume the NWOSU staff's seats are getting quite hot as well. Would a win in this one save Coach Walters job? I guess only time will tell. I truly believe that SWOSU is the more talented football team, but can they figure out a way to finally win? I very much doubt it, but a man can hope. Either way, it's gonna be a tough sell to get recruits to Weatherford this year, but a new coaching staff will make things a lot easier for SWOSU in that regard. Either way, I'm just glad this year is almost over lol.


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      HSU @ OBU - HSU by 14. OBU should be on a 2 game losing streak. HSU will come out firing early and OBU won't be able to stop the flames. OBU gets a late TD to make it more respectable.

      ECU @ SEOSU - ECU by 4. Last time these two teams played, ECU was down by 27 late in the 3rd Quarter and won. They can't get behind like that again. I think they start out fast and it's a close game the whole time. Late TD wins it for ECU again.

      UAM @ SAU - SAU by 10. UAM is bad. ECU dominated them last week. SAU has more talent and UAM looks like they need to regroup.

      HU @ ATU - HU by 45. ATU isn't the same ATU as we all remember. A true competitor.

      OKBU @ SNU - SNU by 1. This is only being picked to give me a chance to win the pickem. I know everyone else will choose OKBU and I would too if I didn't want to win.

      SWOSU @ NWOSU - SWOSU by 7. SWOSU wins it!! They are the champions of the Toilet Bowl.


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        HSU @ OBU - OBU by 4
        ECU @ SEOSU - SEOSU by 17

        UAM @ SAU - SAU by 7

        HU @ ATU - HU by 13

        OKBU @ SNU - OKBU by 14

        SWOSU @ NWOSU - SWOSU by 1


        • #5
          HSU @ OBU - HSU by 10

          ECU @ SEOSU - SE by 14

          UAM @ SAU - SAU by 10

          HU @ ATU - HU by 21

          OKBU @ SNU - OKBU by 24

          SWOSU @ NWOSU - SWOSU by 7


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            Thanks Bulldog for hanging in there and running the Pick Em this year. You’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty especially considering the kind of year your Dogs have had.


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              HSU by 3… HSU gets it done..

              SOSU by 17… SOSU to the bowl game again?!?!

              UAM by 3…. NO.. I can’t.. officially SAU by 3.. I just don’t know what to think of my riders..

              HU by 35.. we’ll.. I think this may be worse than what I predict..

              OKB by 21.. nothing more to say..

              SWOSU by 2.. come on Swosu.. you can do it!!


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                HSU @ OBU - by 6

                I think HSU isnt as good as we think.

                ECU @ SEOSU - by 13

                Either way I am happy. If SEO loses its funny; if they win, they play the Bisons.

                UAM @ SAU - by 14

                Who knows... these teams have talent but aren't clicking.

                HU @ ATU - 42

                Bisons need to buckle down and do right. They have to keep improving week after week to win it all.

                OKBU @ SNU - by 35
                OKBU goes out with a bang

                SWOSU @ NWOSU - 7

                I am probably wrong but I SWOSU finds a way to lose. This is the most improbable season I have ever seen from a college football team with so much talent.


                • #9
                  HSU @ OBU - by 14

                  ECU @ SEOSU - 17

                  UAM @ SAU - by 7

                  HU @ ATU - by 28

                  OKBU @ SNU - by 17

                  SWOSU @ NWOSU - by 7


                  • #10
                    HSU @ OBU - HSU by 10

                    ECU @ SEOSU - SEOSU by 14

                    UAM @ SAU - SAU by 10

                    HU @ ATU - HU by 35

                    OKBU @ SNU - OKBU by 27

                    SWOSU @ NWOSU - NWOSU by 7


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                      HSU @ OBU - HSU by 4

                      ECU @ SEOSU - SOSU by 10

                      UAM @ SAU - SAU by 10

                      HU @ ATU - ATU by 1

                      OKBU @ SNU - OKBU by 30

                      SWOSU @ NWOSU - NWOSU by 13


                      • #12
                        HSU by 7
                        SEOSU by 17
                        SAU by 8
                        HU by 31
                        OKBU by 32
                        SWOSU by 10


                        • #13
                          OBU 5

                          SEOSU - 20

                          UAM 8

                          ATU - 3

                          OKBU 22

                          SWOSU 3


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                            Wow! BisonDoc nailed it. 31-0