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  • #91 TA has a pair on him. Fake FG on 4th and 1 and pass to a D lineman


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      qb run for maybe a couple - qb run for a few - 3rd and 4 - TO ferris - o-line moves - 3rd and 9 - qb rolls out, throws it up and complete for 1st down - jet sweep for nothing - flag - false start ferris - 2nd and 15 - looked like a double pass they were going to run - long pass down the sideline - LATE flag - interference - wow - with what has been going on with the receivers all night that was pretty minimal - oh well - 1st and 10 at the laker 48 - qb run for about 5 - qb run but got blasted for no gain - intercepted but they are calling interference - thrown high and both players ran into each other - hmm... - 1st and 10 at the 29 - qb got crushed on the throw - qb run for 3 - 5:39 to go - GV needs to take a chance - clock running down - qb spins out of a tackle and makes it to the end zone - flag - during run - holding - ball at 37 - 5:07 - pass, thrown high but incomplete - receiver pushed off but no call - 3rd and 18 - 5:01 - pass complete down the middle - just short by 1 - 4th and 1 - ball at 20 - looked like he may have been across the line for the first down buts its 4th and 1 - 4:40 to go - Field Goal - 37 yards - fake field goal - thrown out to to kicker and he threw it to the d-tackle on the end down at the 2 for 1st and goal to go - flag - false start - 7 yard line now - 3:50 to go - TO ferris (last TO) - rb takes it in for the score - looked like some o-line movement but no call - looks like d-line wasn't ready as they anticipated the flag for motion - flag - another personal foul by ferris after the play

      GVSU - 21
      FSU --- 35
      3:45 to go in game


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        ferris kick from their own 20 - return to the 43 - 3:40 to go - GV needs a quick score - two GV turnovers at the goal line in the first half the big plays that decided this game


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          Wow what a play. Good TD. And Ferris sets themselves up to give up a tie with a penalty.


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            pass by qb for 1st down - another pass for a 1st down to the te - pass down the middle, incomplete - official TO for ferris injury - 3:06 to go - ferris should have intercepted but that's why he is a db - 2nd and 10 - run to the 13 and out of bounds - pass complete to the 8 - out-of-bounds - official TO for gv injury - looks like a cramp - 2:44 to go - 2nd and 5 - lol - qb to pass, steps up, drops the ball, picks it up and throws to risen for the score - flag - roughing the passer enforced on the kickoff

            GVSU - 28
            FSU --- 35
            2:08 to go in game - onside kick coming and gv will be 15 yards closer because of the penalty - have to recover - this is the game


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              here we go - onside kick attempt...ball bounces all over, through several players...ferris recovers - aaaaagh


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                  Can't spell Laker without L


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                    ball at 23 - nice run for 9 - 2:00 to go - qb run for a loss - 3rd and 2 - TO GV - 1:24 to go - qb run 1st down - 1:18 to go and counting down - qb run for a couple - TO GV - :43 to go - qb takes knee - :39 to go - TO GV - qb takes a knee - time counts down - dogs win

                    GVSU - 28
                    FSU --- 35

                    17,007 official attendance - NEW RECORD for GV - good game but two sloppy turnovers by GV at the goal line was the difference - two good teams - ferris has won the last 5 straight regular season games - GV still leads the series

                    GV has 381 total yards of offense - both teams 7 of 12 on 3rd down conversions - GV was 2 of 2 on 4th downs and scored on 3 of 5 times in red zone - GV had 206 yards rushing and 175 yards passing
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                      • GAME SUMMARY: #6 GVSU vs #2 FSU

                        1st qtr
                        GV won toss and elected to receive and on the 4th play GV threw an interception
                        Ferris makes a bad snap and has to punt
                        GV second possession pederson runs for 33 yrds and the score - 7-0
                        Ferris answers to tie score - 7-7
                        2nd qtr
                        GV has 12 play 60 yrd drive - risen makes a key catch on sideline at the 20 - pederson runs to inside the 10 - the next play throws it into coverage and its intercepted
                        Ferris has a 10 play 85 yrd drive for the score - 7-14
                        GV then punts
                        Ferris throws an interception
                        GV goes on a drive down to the 3, reid carries it for what appeared to be a score but it is called a fumble, ferris picks it up and returns it 97 yards for the score - 7-21
                        3rd qtr
                        Ferris gets second half kick - qb made something out of nothing and eventually gets it down into the red zone - many incredible individual plays by qb - rb run for a score 7-28
                        GV down the field on 11 plays, 59 yards for the score 14-28
                        Ferris 3 and out - punt
                        GV drives and takes it down to the 3 and risen carries it in for the score - 21-28
                        Ferris punts
                        4th qtr
                        GV moves, executes a fake punt for first down but has to punt
                        Ferris moves the ball -interference call - down for a 37 yard field goal - fake, then pass - gets down to 3 - rb runs in for score 21-35
                        GV goes on a 57 yard drive, moves into the red zone, pederson steps up but drops it, picks it up and throws to risen for score - 28-35
                        GV tries an on-side kick but ferris recovers
                        Ferris runs clock out

                        GVSU 5-1
                        FSU 6-0

                        Both #1 West Florida and #4 NWMS lost today
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                        • Good game by both teams. Good to see Allendale with a versatile offense. Can see the impact of their new OC and the coach from Wayne St. Couple of turnovers on their side hurt bad. Ferris...death by a thousand self-inflicted cuts. Don't even want to look at the penalty yardage they accumulated. I keep saying this, that lack of discipline is going to cost them in a big game.

                          Good to see we hit all of our xtra points (low bar to reach for but hey). Bernhardts 3rd down conversions are just crazy. Pretty much won the game for us. Not the greatest passer but was effective enough. That knee was holding his running back. No where near his usual shake and bake then explosion. But he did enough to win the game.

                          In an ironic twist, TA turned into the chuck and pray deep ball guy and MM was running the Ferris jet sweep / play action offense. No MM jokes this year. Did a good job of game mgmt. TAs fake field goal on 4th and 1 was iconic. Deep pass to a dlineman, wow. One thing I will say, Ferris knows who to win tough games. Their big players make big plays.

                          Look forward to both teams getting in the playoffs. Hopefully we don't meet up in the first round.


                          • Shoutout to BillyGV. Good stuff on the updates and info.


                            • No, he can run and was able to make something out of nothing - his play and the two redzone turnovers by gv were the difference


                              • Originally posted by boyblue View Post

                                Hey I'm with you guys, my dream NC game is GV - VSU, but there is nothing that can be done about those calls. Love that fact that your team isn't letting the calls get to them, they're fighting hard!
                                that would be nice - the two teams had a good two day practice/scrimmage in Valdosta this past spring