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2019 MIAA Attendance


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    Boys said that was our smallest crowd all year but the loudest the stadium has been all year


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      Originally posted by NWFanatic View Post

      Not sure...students are gone plus harvest plus deer season played a part. Home side looked pretty full I thought
      With no ESU games of any kind going on Saturday I actually went to Maryville for the game. I agree the home side looked pretty full. I would add that there was not a huge following from Harding, which is understandable with the distance. It was a good following but not like when a good MIAA team goes to Maryville. I could be having selective memory but it seemed to me that when ESU played NW in 2016 the north two sections were full of Hornet fans. Looked like the Mules fans had a similar following last week.


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        Even in 2011 when NW travelled half of Maryville down here, Pitt didn't fill up for a PO game, and they had a lot of SRO games that year..


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          Here is where the MIAA teams ranked in the Final Attendance figures from the NCAA for 2019.
          No. School Games Attendance Average
          5 Pittsburg St. 6 46,227 7,705
          9 Central Mo. 6 44,158 7,360
          13 Missouri Western 5 29,165 5,833
          14 Washburn 5 28,271 5,654
          16 Northwest Mo. St. 7 39,283 5,612
          18 Fort Hays St. 5 27,071 5,414
          25 Mo. Southern St. 5 24,011 4,802
          A few notes:
          Looks as if they did not count the Arrowhead game in NW Missouri's totals as they have them for 7 home games including the playoffs. But that game is listed in the MIAA's total attendance.
          Missouri Western's total is different by +45 in total attendance and +9 in average from what is listed on the boxscores from the Missouri Western website and what is reported by NCAA
          The MIAA total attendance is different by +45


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            Pitt's numbers are at least doubled the actual attendance.