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    Originally posted by lleachieshusband View Post
    The local Jock’s Nitch store is going out of business. This is located up front and listed for $500.00. Sorry about the sideways-ness of the pic; the photo uploader imported it like that and won’t let me fix it.
    Sold yesterday.


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      Originally posted by Psycho View Post
      So many things for me to unpack here when I saw it.

      1.) Please let me know if I'm wrong but I believe they got it for free in like 2006. Frankly it pisses me off they'd charge for it and/or not give it back.
      2.) That's not my suit. That's Jacob / Shawn / Brandon era. (Jacob was in 2000 - Brandon took Jacob's spot and was Shawn's backup while I was Brandon's until he graduated. Then we didn't have one for, like, 3 years.)
      3.) That's a mid-90's jersey. Where is it going?
      4.) I'm surprised they've lasted this long. It's always been terribly expensive and an awful lot of strange things happening in Maryville as of late... like the HS dropping to Class 2 per size of student body. Is the population on the decline?
      5.) I'm a big fan of Jim and Amy (The Student Body) so they were my go-to for most things. JN was nice for random stuff you never knew you "needed", but it looks like that time as passed.
      How would the school donating it work? Unless they had it "on loan" for display. If the suit was purchased with university money, then legally, it would have to be sold at auction. Then again, the athletic department $$$ that most likely purchased this suit was probably unrelated to any government funding, and this post is a moot point.


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        Originally posted by GorillaTeacher View Post
        Id take it off your hands if you give me $500...
        If they offer, I'll give you $501 not to