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WT Feasibility Study Feb 2019


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    Originally posted by wisdomgymrat View Post
    Everything listed has been approved as part of university facilities improvement plans. They are required to submit approved expenditures to the state and that is this list. Making huge investments in athletic facilities ($58 Million arena for Commerce for example) can fuel anyone's speculation about a possible move up. I for one haven't heard legitimate info regarding Commerce moving up... but that list is interesting for all LSC members because this is a sports board and there are sports facility improvements or new construction for everyone. Example: On campus stadium for MSU, Indoor competition and practice facility (indoor track and football practice) for Angelo... sadly Kingsville is not really getting a lot of $$ thrown to improving facilities or replacing.
    I know Angelo will most likely make the move at some point. From my understanding, they are following the road map listed in the feasibility study. So as soon as all points are reached, and an invite comes, I expect the move to D1.

    I assume WT & Commerce will go as well. We shall see.


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      Originally posted by ASUPops View Post

      Angelo did one also. The finding was the timiing was not right.

      Why would a school spend $ if not iinterested? Easy answer.....TO KEEP DONORS HAPPY would be my guess. Happy donors means lots more $$.

      We see what happened to WT when football died. Stadium was died....$$ dropped. Look how fast the BB & SB posts start after a few football L's. Could you imagine they move to D1 and the teams being in the bottom tier year in and year out. It would not be pretty. You would hear screaming about "why did we move up to D1" and a petition/protest/boycott to move back to DII...7070707
      Good stuff Pops. Did WT show the results of the study to the public? If so, does someone have a link?

      I do find it hard to believe that even WT Fair Weather fans would not like a shot at Tech. And, after that the Houston Baptist game this year they may even be over confident with good reason!


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        It’s in the link you posted at the beginning of
        thread Techster.Go to the second paragraph.You will see
        here,here,here.Click on the third here and
        click the college consulting link.It will go
        over some of the results.