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  • Regional Rankings

    1 Tarleton State 7-0 8-0
    2 Minnesota State 10-0 10-0
    3 Colorado Mines 10-0 10-0
    4 CSU-Pueblo 9-1 9-1
    5 Augustana 8-2 8-2
    6 Texas A&M-Commerce 7-2 7-2
    7 Angelo State 8-2 8-2
    8 Sioux Falls 7-3 7-3
    9 Winona State 7-3 7-3
    10 Dixie State 7-3 7-3

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    Augustana not ranked in either poll. how did they jump over TAMC to #5 ????


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      National polls mean nothing come playoff time. The people voting often times have no clue about any teams outside their conference. If you want in WIN


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        Originally posted by marvda1 View Post
        Augustana not ranked in either poll. how did they jump over TAMC to #5 ????
        Commerce SOS took a big hit as they played and beat a 3-7 UTPB team while Augustana played and beat a 7-3 Winona State team.


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          It has been said that the NCAA may move lower seeds to different regions to save travel costs. However, there is really nothing close to Region 4 except Missouri. (Commerce vs Henderson or Oauchita the exception)

          Here is a simple solution for Region 4 (if the NCAA wants to save money):

          #1 Mankato Bye
          #2 Tarleton vs. #6 Commerce (it has been a month since they have played -- Oct 16th) 170 miles apart
          #3 CO Mines vs. #4 or 5 CO Pueblo (it has been 2 months since they have played -- Sept 21st) 130 miles apart
          #4 or 5 Augustana vs. #7 USF (it has been about 2 months since they have played -- Sept 26th ) 2 BLOCKS APART (Augie is a closer road game for USF than USF's home games!!!)

          Very limited travel costs...........huge crowds!!! (I don't know about the other schools, but if Augie and USF travel somewhere they may have 200-300 people travel, whereas a home game at Augie would probably get 4000-5000 people in the stands)

          CO Pueblo would have a beef with this...........but there is always one or more teams unhappy at playoff be it.

          People will scream about rematches, but does it matter if it 1st round or second round. Some would argue rematches may ratchet up the intensity.

          To win a championship you have to beat 4-5 teams along the way, so it really doesn't matter.

          It probably doesn't work this way and probably won't work this way and the decisions are probably already made.......but this might be the best option for the fans of teams 2-6.


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              Originally posted by Turbonium View Post
              Crazy thing is they did pit Tarleton v commerce, then split the NSIC schools vs RMAC.

              I really want to know what it would have been had travel conditions not been a factor.

              If travel conditions are such a concern why doesnt the ncaa just drop it to top 4 in each region, or better yet just mirror the BCS top 4 in the nation based on percievied "good" wins and losses. Think of all the money they could save.

              I have fat thumbs sorry for typos!


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                I hate the "travel expenses" excuse for playoff seeding with the fire of a thousand suns. It gets rid of any incentive to go for home field advantage if you're stuck playing the team closest to you. D3 just got rid of it, thankfully. Now some of the Texas D3 teams might win a playoff game before being slaughtered by Mary Hardin Baylor. If you want to keep travel down, go with the conference champion for each conference in the region with a caveat that the conference must have at least 7 members. In the case of SR 4, it would be the champion of the LSC, NSIC, and RMAC with an at-large team. The GNAC champion could have a way to get in, but must actually prove it in out of conference play. It would be too easy for an average WOU or CWU team to easily win the GNAC without a good out of conference record with the double round robin. I don't want to see this personally as I like the current setup, but this seems to be the most feasible without taking away incentives to win


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                  I think the committee did a good job with our region's seeding. I like the first round matchups, with Pueblo and Mines on opposite sides of the regional bracket. It's also good for Augie and Sioux Falls for the same reason. Tarleton and TAMUC may not be as happy, but the structure makes for interesting games all the way through. The reality is, with the RMAC and the GNAC, travel will always be a challenge. But this year, it all worked out ok.


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                    Oh, btw, if Tarleton had scheduled at least one more game, they probably would have been seeded first. So, they kind of screwed themselves that way.