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Colorado School of Mines vs. Valdosta.


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  • Colorado School of Mines vs. Valdosta.

    What are some story lines?

    Mines are very we’ll. balanced, Mix up play calling to keep defenses honest.
    Average 40 pts. a game, a stingy defense, Average over 400 yards total offense a game.

    These two teams are evenly matched, and will come down to turnovers and 2nd half adjustments.

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    For me the main story of this game is the Valdosta offense vs the Mines defense. Both units rank in the upper echelons of the division, however Valdosta's O is on another level, ranking first in D2 in yards per game at 526 YPG split near evenly between passing and rushing. Mines D will have to stop this unstoppable force and get some turnovers to keep their offense in this one, as while Mines' offense is good, it is designed for ball control and time of possession, not for keeping up in a shootout. my prediction is Valdosta by 13


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      Good observations; I think it will come down to turnovers and half-time adjustments .
      I agree, Valdosta should be favored by 13.
      Best of luck.

      Hey, what happened to Marvin??


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        I’m a perpetual homer but I think the slipper comes off this weekend. I think Mines is playing thei best football of the year but Valdosta is too good offensively. Mines wants to control the clock which may keep it close for a while but I think VSU pulls away. VSU by 17.


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          We are in a similar position. Big underdogs. But that is why they play the game. Would love to play you guys in the big game in two weeks.


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            Originally posted by GoneBlastin View Post
            I’m a perpetual homer but I think the slipper comes off this weekend. I think Mines is playing thei best football of the year but Valdosta is too good offensively. Mines wants to control the clock which may keep it close for a while but I think VSU pulls away. VSU by 17.
            Years ago, we were in the NC against Pittsburg State, They had broken every scoring record possible. They were the Juggernauts of D2.
            Coach Hatcher bled the clock down and snapped ball with 2 or 3 seconds.
            This slowed the game and kept Gorillas off the field. It turned out well for us.

            Maybe your coaches will do this.


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              In 2018 Notre Dame College almost beat us at home too. They were very disciplined, had a great running back. They threw us off our game, so I'm very wary of your team. Getting in a trying to outscore us shootout probably not good idea. This team loves that.


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                Yes, I remember that game. They had us dialed in, and we struggle, I’m sure FantheFlame remembers too.


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                  I watched the Semifinal game and Mines is solid, we're going to have to contain your QB, he's dangerous when he gets outside the pocket. If we can contain and get pressure we will have a chance to get a few stops. You have an excellent punter that can out kick your coverage (not that he will) but you might want to watch out for that.


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                    Originally posted by BlazerLady View Post
                    Welcome Visitors from CSOM!
                    Ticket Sales began this morning.

                    Visitors will want to purchase General Admission Tickets for the Visitors' side of the stadium(north side) - $12.
                    Seniors and Youth - $8
                    Can purchase online at or by calling 229-333-SEAT

                    Home Side-
                    Season Ticket Holders have until Wednesday @5pm to purchase your regular seats.
                    Reserved - $20, Gen.Admission, Youth & Seniors- Same as above.
                    There are open reserved seats in Section D(50 yard line). Would be best to call for those.

                    Map of campus:

                    Game Time- 12noon(E)
                    BlazerWalk - 10:15am
                    PreGame Show - 11:30am

                    Saturday's forecast: Partly cloudy. High- 82 degrees, SSW winds at 12mph
                    BlazerLady was kind enough to post this info on the GSC board. Thought I would leave it here for anyone making the trip this weekend.
                    Last edited by Wrecked Again; 12-06-2021, 10:24 PM.


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                      Originally posted by Wrecked Again View Post

                      Balzer lady was kind enough to post this info on the GSC board. Thought I would leave it here for anyone making the trip this weekend.
                      The stadium is #38 on the map next to Drexal Park. Most visitors tailgate in the park right behind the visitors' side. Parking is free all around the stadium and the Oak St. Parking Deck- #42 on map.
                      Restrooms are in the University Center #39 as well as the stadium.
                      Safe travels for all headed this way!



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                        Several thoughts...

                        I think, especially as fans, it's easy to give too much respect to an opponent. VSU has as storied tradition as a D2 powerhouse. They also have recent success at the highest levels. It's very easy to look at that, and see a school has never been this far (or the last round, or a #1 seed in a region) and think it's apples and oranges. But, in that deep & dark spot in my heart, I had my doubts for the last two rounds, in comparing talent, on estimating the "nerves" of kids carrying new levels of performance for a school that has had football for 150 years. At this point, I think the kids are much less intimidated than I am. They have certainly played like it.

                        Mines has maintained their great pace from the regular season. They are actually scoring a TD more per game, while giving up a FG more per game - while playing two outstanding offenses in the process. I did not expect the regular season numbers to hold up, especially when they included FLC and ASC. But here we are.

                        However, a couple of legitimate things to consider. First, athletes. I lived several years in South Louisiana and watched several high school games while I was there. I was amazed at the athleticism of the kids - every single time. And by that I mean, the kids who wouldn't play past high school. There are obviously kids who go to LSU, Alabama, Auburn, etc. But the quality of kids who never played again was amazing to me. By extension, if you go look at all of the best big school rosters, especially in the south, they all include Georgia and Florida kids (VSU is in South Georgia), and lots of them. Georgia / Florida also have so much quality depth among its high school talent. That VSU can garner great talent, in its back yard, of kids that often could be playing at a higher level. I think part of the reason VSU has such a long and storied history, combined with recent success is their access to great talent. Mines has played against great units or great players. This may be the best roster they have every faced.

                        In the Trailblazers post about Saturday, I don't know how many noticed the weather. Yes, 82 sounds great. But, when you are waking up to 30 degrees and warming up to 50-60 during the day - it's not the same. Just like away teams have to deal with altitude when coming to Mines. In this case Mines will have to deal with heat and humidity. And it is a bear! As a Colorado native who lives in the south, it is just hard. Ideally they are hydrating already, cramps may be a legitimate issue if they are not.

                        While VSU doesn't boast the best defense, it may legitimately boast the best offense. Bemidji had a great passing offense. Mines shut it down. Angelo St. had a great running game. Mines shut it down (except for a 90 yard run). VSU can legitimately beat you with either, and will gladly do so. To say the least, this will be the biggest challenge Mines has faced this year.

                        I think that coach Brandon has done an amazing job at taking Mines from an air attack circus who simply tried to outscore people to an extremely balanced team. That means two things. First, they run the ball so much better and physically. In fact, it may be fair to say that Mines is now a run first team, especially with Zeman. But, Matocha does a good job of bailing if the pressure is too much or if nothing is there in the passing game. In two years he has rushed for 1,000 yard and 16 TD's (and those yards are net minus sacks). But in being a run first team, Matocha has zero issues with making the passing game primary. He has a career completion percentage of 70%. He has thrown 65 TD's to 12 INT's. He is a dual threat, combined with the primary threat of Zeman. BUT... that defense. At all three levels. They plug gaps, create pressure, make tackles and jump on any mistake the offense makes. They are balanced on offense, but they are balanced offense to defense as well, either one can beat another team (scoring points on offense or preventing points on defense). Mines is a complete team.

                        I think VSU will especially test the Mines defense. By scoreboard standards, this may be the worst outing for the defense this year. The question that needs to be answered is if the Mines offense can keep the VSU offense off the field, while also finishing drives with points. Mines has only allowed 4 teams to break 20 points this year. I wouldn't be shocked if VSU has that by halftime. But if Mines can score too, that's ok.

                        In the end, I worry about the wealth of talented players and the weather wearing Mines down (having to play lots of subs, either throughout the game, or at the end when players need a break). As proud as I am of this team, I think VSU advances. 34-21.


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                          One key to Valdosta's offense-often overlooked is a great offensive line-averaging over 300 pounds each-only given up 2 sacks all year-so gives passer all day to pass-great receivers-great running backs-very mobile running back-hard to stop.


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                            On offense, both their running backs, their quarterback, and their top 2 receivers played in the national championship game in 2018, so lots of experience.


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                              Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if at halftime, VSU was only a field goal ahead.
                              Miner’s are the real deal.