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    Originally posted by Feedoggie View Post
    The 4th quarter looked more like what we’re used to. A big hand to gamer Harrington, and glad to see Hudson slowly working her way back again. Harrison had a great game...just wish she could be counted on in every game. Yes, the first 3 periods looked too familiar, but thank goodness they had a nice 4th, which was a most welcome surprise. Hahn, Allen, and Bennett deserve some credit too.
    IMO, DJ is the definition of a utility player. Other than PG, she is ready to do what is needed, rebound, defend or take a charge to support the effort. She rarely is looking to score, but surprises on occasion given the chance. JS kind of player, effort all the time.


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      Thinking about big game against IUP women brought to mind for no apparent reason that I couldn't recall seeing MONICA BURNS in game streams or highlights recently. Checking stat sheets it turns out she has disappeared since the first IUP game in which she started played 12 minutes and scored 7 pts on 1-10 FG/1-4 3s. Next against GU she subbed for 9 minutes 1-2 FG/0-1 3s. DNP vs MC and CLARION, subbed for 8 minutes vs SRU for 0-5 FG/0-4 3s and finally DNP @ UPJ.
      ​​​​​​Haven't heard of an injury and unless someone's in street clothes(as VALLECORSA has been) my presumption is that they are available, but no MB. Searching for other info from somewhat connected sources.


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        Further comment on this years VULCANS WBB will not add anything to what is obvious on the court. They have no reliable offensive weapons and if their defense doesn't keep them in the game, as it did vs IUP, and hasn't today against BORO, they are a very ordinary team. It's an odd feeling but one that I sensed going into the year. I still retain total faith in JESS STROM and her system but if you don't have the players, there's only so much that can be done.


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          SATURDAY 2/22 vs CLARION 65-45 W
          PTS... HUDSON--16, HERRINGTON--14, JASPER--13
          STLS.... HERRINGTON--6, JASPER--5
          2 PT FG--23-58 40%
          3 PT FG--5-23 22%
          FT--4-6. 67%
          RBD 47-42 +5
          TO 8-25 +17
          RECORD AFTER 26 GAMES. 19-7. versus 4 YEAR AVER. 22-4


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            As the VULCANS WBB season winds down to the last few games of a successful record wise, but otherwise disappointing season, I happened upon the 2018 team photo.
            These team photos come out Sept-Oct and it's a fair guess that the roster is set. Right in the center of the shot is #30 LILLY RITZ a really nice recruit from WV. Turns out that after this photo but before the first game she decided she couldn't deal with a long distance relationship and transferred to WHEELING but didn't play last year.
            This year for a 10-18 CARDINALS WBB she is averaging 34.2 MPG,. 21.4 PPG, and 15.6 RPG with game highs of 35 PTS vs FSU, 36 RBDS vs WVSU and 8 BLKS vs CU. This year would have very possibly been a whole lot more exciting for LR and CAL U if.....woulda, coulda, shoulda. Uhhh